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Sling Media Slingbox Pro


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Connecting to your Slingbox out of the LAN is very simple if you have a router that can support UPnP, (Universal Plug and Play), which most modern routers do. This enables the Slingbox to configure the router to open the necessary ports and then communicate with the Slingbox servers automatically so that when you type in your Slingbox name it can always be found. Those, who wish to set things up manually however, can do so. I tested on Windows Mobile too, using an HTC Touch, and for some reason was forced to manually enter in the full Finder ID as well as my Slingbox name, which took a stupid amount of time. Once done though, I was again impressed with the quality over Wi-FI , with a full, smooth and pleasingly detailed image.

All in all, it was nice to be reunited with the Slingbox, and I found that it has nicely moved on in the year since it first launched. The lack of wireless is a shame in one sense, but does actually simplify things once you've got round the problem and ensures reliability. You also need to be sure that you need all those inputs, other wise the SOLO might be the better choice. The Slingbox classic can still be picked up but production has ceased, so it will disappear before too long. Having multiple inputs at my disposal though really enhanced the product, though if you're sure you'll only want to Sling from one source, then the new, cheaper and more stylishly designed Slingbox SOLO will suffice. Personally, not having Freeview would be a deal breaker for me, but the choice is there.


The Slingbox Pro has improved on the original in every respect. It's smarter on the outside, and smarter on the inside too. The increase in inputs adds flexibility, specifically the addition of component input. The increase in maximum quality is tangible, and platform support is good too, on Windows, Mac and some smartphones. The Slingbox Pro is a class act, and a great way of distributing your TV.

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September 8, 2013, 7:53 pm

Since the latest Freeview updates, the Slingbox internal Freeview unit of the PRO and PRO-HD boxes will not let you scan channels in the UK in most if not all regions.
This is a hardware/firmware fault. Sling Media who produce the product seem to be ignoring customers who are asking for them to update the firmware to cure this.
If you are in the UK and are contemplating buying any Slingbox then bear in mind you will NOT be able to use the internal Freeview Tuner unless or until Sling Media correct the fault.
After almost two years, numerous complaints by customers, and extensive postings on Sling's own forum (which they have never 'acknowledged or contributed to', this Freeview matter is unresolved.
Please be aware, or make yourself aware by reading about it on
their Forum, that the Company cannot be relied upon to provide
customer support on this key issue, and as they have ignored it re.
the Sling PRO and PRO-HD boxes, they are unlikely to do so for any
of their current or new products.

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