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Sleek Audio SA6 Customisable Earphones - Sleek Audio SA6 Customisable Earphones

By Edward Chester



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The first of these quibbles is quite obvious in that, while there are a number of different size replacement tips, there are no alternative types of tip. So if you're a fan of foam or single flange silicone tips, you're going to be left wanting. That said, the default tips are very comfortable and I had no problems wearing the medium sized ones (pictured) for most of a nine hour flight and the sound isolation from them is only bettered by deeply inserted foam tips. It is rather ironic that an apparently customisable set of earphones doesn't have choice in the most obvious department, though.

My second complaint is the carry case. It certainly looks like it should be useful but it very quickly becomes obvious this isn't the case (no pun intended). It's designed to carry the earphones with tips and cable attached and also has room for a spare pair each of the bass and treble ports. However, as well as the fact it is inadequate in that it only carries four out of the 12 spare bass and treble ports, it also has a peculiar cable management system.

The rubber recessed section that holds the phones flips up to reveal a cable reel arrangement underneath. However the reel is fixed to the body of the case so to wind the cable you need to either spin the whole case or wrap the cable manually. In fairness, it's not inherently difficult but is rather overcomplicated and certainly no easier than the simple 'wrap it round your hand and shove it in' method used by the likes of Shure and Klipsch. That said, when packed the case is considerably more compact than either of the above.

My final complaint is something I've already touched on and that's the spare port storage method. Ok, it's forgivable that there isn't room for all the spares in the main carrying case but the little piece of perforated cardboard is hardly a worthy backup. For a start, it doesn't even include enough holes to carry all the spares - the ++treble ports are left rolling around the box - but even if it did I would still consider it falling short. At the very least there should be enough holes for all the ports (spares and defaults) so that replacing ports doesn't require you to put down the spares mid-change - rummaging around under your neighbours seat looking for a tiny transparent piece of plastic after it's been jolted from your seatback table during a bit of turbulence isn't my idea of good mid-flight etiquette, even if said neighbour is sleeping. To my way of thinking, the ideal would be an enclosed plastic cartridge akin to the sort of thing drills bits are stored in.


June 11, 2008, 5:02 pm

Just a thought about headphones in general, shouldn't they be as accurate as possible and leave the treble and/or bass adjustments to the source?


September 30, 2008, 7:39 pm

A fair point cjb110 but that simply isn't the case. All headphones have a distinct timbre and often choosing a pair of headphones is less about whether they're truly accurate or not than just whether you prefer a bassy or trebly sound.

Also, having had another listen to these earphones recently i have to say I'm even more impressed than when I first heard them. I stil maintain the adjustability brings little to the table but in their default setting these phones do sound great. Bass is strong without sounding muffled, clarity is also mightily impressive. Most of all, though, they just sound wonderfully neutral. The price is still too high to change the scores but these are definitely worth considering.

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