1. Sharp Beyond 4K TV
  2. Sharp 60UD20

    Sharp LC-60UD20

    Sharp gets back in the UK TV game with this often impressive 4K TV

  3. Sharp LC-90LE757

    Sharp LC-90LE757

    Sharp is back - with a 90-inch TV monster

  4. Sharp 70in 4k Moth Eye TV
  5. Sharp Freestyle Aquos
  6. Sharp 90LE745E
  7. Sharp LC-70LE741E

    Sharp LC-70LE741E

    A 70in TV for less than £2500 that isn't rubbish? Sharp, we salute you.

  8. Sharp LC-60LE636E

    Sharp LC-60LE636E

    60in of often good picture quality for less than £1000. Surely there can’t be anything not to like, right?

  9. Sharp Aquos Net smart TV platform

    Sharp AQUOS Net smart TV platform

    Sharp has joined forces with Philips for its online TV services. But it's all a bit half-hearted, to be honest.

  10. Sharp 80in First Look CES
  11. Sharp 4k processing
  12. Sharp 8k4k LCD screen
  13. Sharp 40LE831

    Sharp LC-40LE831E

    Sharp tries to make it two for two with its new 3D TVs with the smaller sibling to its impressive LC-46LE831E: the 40in LC-40LE831E.

  14. Sharp LC46

    Sharp LC-46LE831E

    After mostly impressing us with its 3D debut a few months back, the 60in 60LE925E, Sharp has finally followed it up with the more manageable - and vastly more affordable - 46in 46LE831E.

  15. Sharp Aquos LC-37LE320E

    Sharp Aquos LC-37LE320E

    Sharp's latest edge LED TV looks the part initially, but the longer you live with it, the more the cracks start to appear.