Find reviews of the latest Samsung TVs 40in - 49in.

  1. Samsung UE40F6400

    Samsung UE40F6400

    The best mid-range TV we've seen this year

  2. Samsung UE46F7000

    Samsung UE46F7000

    Another excellent Samsung TV, provided you put in a little leg work.

  3. Samsung UE40F8000

    Samsung UE40F8000

    Say hello to the best 40in TV the world has ever seen.

  4. Samsung UE46ES6300

    Samsung UE46ES6300

    Samsung's cheapest Smart and 3D-capable TV doesn't quite fire on all cylinders.

  5. Samsung UE46ES5500

    Samsung UE46ES5500

    Samsung introduces its latest bargain 46-inch LCD TV.

  6. Samsung UE46EH5300

    Samsung UE46EH5300

    An affordable 46in TV with Smart TV functionality and solid picture quality.

  7. Samsung UE46ES7000

    Samsung UE46ES7000

    If you can’t quite run to Samsung’s flagship ES8000 TVs, the UE46ES7000 is a fine alternative.

  8. Samsung UE46ES6800

    Samsung UE46ES6800

    The UE46ES6800 shows that quality pictures aren’t restricted to Samsung’s flagship TVs.

  9. Samsung UE46ES8000

    Samsung UE46ES8000

    A stunning design with a tip-top performance and class-leading online system? That’ll be another Samsung flagship TV, then.

  10. Samsung UE46D8000

    Samsung UE46D8000

    The UE46D8000 is a stunningly designed, heavily featured and high performance TV only really let down by some 3D crosstalk.

  11. Samsung UE40D5520

    Samsung UE40D5520

    Pretty-boy looks, excellent picture quality, and a strong feature set all for under £530? Surely Samsung's UE40D5520 must have a catch somewhere...

  12. Samsung UE40D6530

    Samsung UE40D6530

    Can Samsung’s most affordable 40in 3D LED TV, the 40D6530, deliver the same quality as the brand’s more expensive 3D models?

  13. Samsung LE40C650 front angle

    Samsung LE40C650

    This television proves that Samsung hasn't become so obsessed with LED that it's forgotten about its CCFL LCD sets.

  14. Samsung LE46C750 front

    Samsung LE46C750

    Top-notch 2D performance from a keenly priced 46in 3D LCD TV.

  15. Samsung UE46C8000 3D LCD TV

    Samsung UE46C8000 3D LCD TV

    As a piece of technological design, this 46in LED-lit television can't be beat.