Find reviews of the latest Samsung TVs for £300 - £600.

  1. Samsung UE32J6300

    Samsung UE32J6300

    Is the curved screen on Samsung's latest 32-inch TV just a gimmick?

  2. Samsung UE40H5500

    Samsung UE40H5500

    At last, another really cheap TV we actually like

  3. Samsung UE32H6200

    Samsung UE32H6200

    A great 32-inch TV, but its price might make you think bigger

  4. Samsung UE42F5500

    Samsung UE42F5500

    A solid all-rounder made more appealing by some handy discount pricing

  5. Samsung UE42F5000

    Samsung UE42F5000

    A top-notch 42-inch TV for less than £400. Bargain.

  6. Samsung UE32F6800

    Samsung UE32F6800

    Samsung's latest is the best 32-inch TV we've seen this year.

  7. Samsung PS51E490

    Samsung PS51E490

    Fancy a 51-inch 3D plasma TV that costs less than £600? Then say hello to the Samsung PS51E490.

  8. Samsung UE40D5520

    Samsung UE40D5520

    Pretty-boy looks, excellent picture quality, and a strong feature set all for under £530? Surely Samsung's UE40D5520 must have a catch somewhere...

  9. Samsung UE32D5000

    Samsung UE32D5000

    If you’re not interested in Smart TVs or 3D, then Samsung’s UE32D5000 looks like it could be a hugely tempting proposition.

  10. Samsung UE32C6000

    Samsung UE32C6000

    As well as setting the bar in design terms, this 32in LED LCD TV is a very good all-round performer.

  11. Samsung LE32C580

    Samsung LE32C580

    Looked at purely within the context of sub-£400 32in LCD TVs, this set is a pretty good effort.

  12. Samsung LE32B550 32in LCD TV

    Samsung LE32B550 32in LCD TV

    Could the Samsung LE32B550 32in LCD TV be one of the bargains of the year?

  13. Samsung LE40B550 40in LCD TV

    Samsung LE40B550 40in LCD TV

    At just a smidgen over £550 this 40in, Full HD TV is an absolute snip.

  14. Samsung LE40A558 40in LCD TV

    Samsung LE40A558 40in LCD TV

    Samsung's LE40A558 is a 40in LCD TV that costs under £600. Not bad, but are there any compromises?

  15. Samsung SyncMaster T220HD 22in LCD TV/Monitor

    Samsung SyncMaster T220HD 22in LCD TV/Monitor

    Can't decide whether to buy a TV or monitor? Then get both in one courtesy of Samsung!