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Samsung YP-Q2 Media Player 8GB review



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Samsung YP-Q2 Media Player 8GB
  • Samsung YP-Q2 Media Player 8GB
  • Samsung YP-Q2 Media Player 8GB
  • Samsung YP-Q2 Media Player 8GB


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I've got a lot of time for Samsung's underrated YP-Q1 PMP. It might not have the style of the iPod nano or the awesome sound quality of Sony's NWZ-S639F - and it also features some of the worst touch-sensitive controls known to man - but it's a great sounding, decent looking player with a solid UI and better audio file format support than the Sony or Apple competition. Best of all, it's relatively inexpensive, making it a decent PMP for anyone who can't quite stretch to a Walkman or an iPod. Now Samsung brings us a sequel which - finally, and a lot later than I originally hoped - I've managed to get my hands on. Could we have a winner on our hands this time around?

Well, first impressions are definitely good. The YP-Q1 had a slick, elegant design, but the YP-Q2 is even better. At 49mm x 101mm x 10mm it's very slightly larger than the Q1, but also slightly slimmer and lighter. The diamond shape that used to show the limits of the touch-sensitive D-pad has gone, leaving the player stripped back to the 2.4in screen, a metallic surround around the face of the unit and decals for the ‘back' and ‘options' menu and the Samsung logo.

The rear now has a tough, textured, gloss finish and the unit as a whole feels more rugged than the Q1, though still not quite as robust as the aluminium nano or the practically bulletproof Sony NWZ S and X-series Walkmans. Otherwise, the main physical changes are the swapping of the old power/lock slider for a dual-function power/lock button and a user-definable key which you can assign different functions depending on the current mode the player is in. Annoyingly, Samsung has stuck to its proprietary USB connector, but otherwise all seems to be ship shape.

Admittedly, I was a bit concerned to see the Q1's touch sensitive controls return; it's always better to have a simple, button-based control system that actually works over a flashy alternative that doesn't. However, this time the controls are a lot less over-sensitive, and a lot more predictable. Cool blue LED indicators behind the panel show clearly where you can find the cursor and select keys, and the smaller areas used actually make the YP-Q2 easier than its predecessor to use, rather than harder. Couple this with an interface that's essentially a more colourful refinement on the perfectly logical one found on the YP-Q1, and you have a player that's practically a pleasure to find your way around.

Navigation by ID3 tag is simple and pain-free, and there are useful options like the ability to set intervals between tracks or create playlists on the fly. The UI also has a few stylish touches, like near full-screen album art and a range of groovy visualizations in the Now Playing view, not to mention the ability to use the touch-sensitive controls to sweep left to right through tracks in the same album or albums by the same artist. In this arena, at least, Samsung is comfortably ahead of most Far-Eastern rivals.


August 16, 2009, 5:54 pm

Nice review - play have the 16gb version for £80 - but as you said, the 16gb sony S639 is only £90 on amazon, and includes better headphones. Also, did you get 50 hours battery life from it or is that Samsung's figure? Lastly, is there an upcoming review of the new Sony E series players in the pipeline??


August 17, 2009, 7:04 pm

Thanks Mik. The battery life quoted is Samsung's figure - I didn't have time to do what I'd call a proper test - but my experience seems to bear this out, give or take an hour or two. I really like the Q2, but given the prices the Sony is currently going for, I'd spend my own money that way if I were buying a new player.

I'll find out if there are any plans to review the E series. I'd be surprised if there weren't.



August 27, 2009, 5:04 pm

I recently purchased the 16GB YP-Q2 and I'm having trouble with BBC iPlayer too; there doesn't seem to be any concise help out there to sort that out. I love the sound quality of the player, and its touch control is an interesting feature but sometimes I inadvertently touch the wrong one!). Just a shame that I can't drag and drop mp4 or wmv videos and have to convert them to .svi via EmoDio.


October 24, 2009, 9:35 pm

Page 3 paragraph 2: Did you mean "discreet"? I'm not sure from the context, but I think it's a typo.

Also, Ogg isn't the audio format, it's the container, Ogg Vorbis is the audio codec. I'm guessing it doesn't support Ogg Theora, the video format/codec?

There's been references in the news section to the Sansa Clip+, saying it is probably the best budget choice, are we going to get a full review? The last Clip review was the 1Gb back in 2007. Or are you waiting until it is available on these shores?



June 3, 2013, 3:20 pm

I got a question:

I have purchased Samsung YP-Q2 4 Gb.
I was wondering if I can create more playlist.

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