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Andy Vandervell

By Andy Vandervell



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The X460 performed very capably in all our benchmarks; comparing well to the similarly specified Sony VAIO Z11WN/B and the configuration of the Dell Latitude E6400 we reviewed in October. This theme is true in both PCMark Vantage and our own in-house image editing and video rending benchmarks and ultimately the X460 should deal comfortably with most tasks.

Battery performance, using MobileMark 2007, also shows the X460 performing well. It does trail the E6400 by around 30 minutes in the Productivity and Reader tests, but the E6400 has lower power Intel integrated graphics and a heavier higher capacity battery. Fundamentally, however, ten minutes shy of four hours of multi-tasking and four hours and 13 minutes of low intensity use are both good results that could be bolstered by more rigorous power saving measures.

Just less than two and a half hours of DVD playback at 100 per cent brightness is also a good result and excluding this test the X460 outperforms the Sony by 5-10 per cent. This isn't a massive difference and doesn't take into account the variety of power management options the Z11 does have and that weren't active during our testing, but head-to-head a difference does exist and the X460 is obviously significantly cheaper, too.

Unfortunately the X460 is let down by the one thing that also hindered the X360: its screen. Most disappointing is the resolution; just 1,280 x 800 despite the significantly larger acreage. It also has all the same issues as the X360, including mediocre colour fidelity, particularly poor low saturation colour production and a generally washed out appearance. One thing it does have in its favour, however, is astonishing brightness levels; something it needs in bright conditions due to its reflective glossy finish.

Were it not for this and the silly oversight regarding the touchpad placement the X460 would probably be walking away with an award. As with the X360 the keyboard is the highlight, proving well arranged and comfortable for typing, while the basic feature set and pricing are very attractive given the powerful functionality and sub-2kg weight. Unfortunately, these two issues and Samsung's continuing fondness for all things glossy mean it does lack a little of the refinement found in more mature products.


An excellent all-purpose notebook that boasts a competitive price and good portability, the X460 is only let down by a merely okay screen and some design quirks that could do with remedying.

John Ratsey

December 19, 2008, 12:59 pm

The pricing is much lower than I expected when I first saw the specs. If only Samsung would give this a good WXGA+ display, Intel graphics (so I can get an extra hour or so of battery time) and eSATA. It could do the work of my Dell E6400 while being 0.4kg lighter.


April 12, 2009, 11:02 pm

X460 it's a lie... It does not have lightscribe drive. So don't buy this laptop if you need the lightscribe cause it does not have it. You spend 1000 pounds for nothing.

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