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Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 - Samsung Solid Extreme B2100

By Sandra Vogel



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Side buttons run to a volume rocker and, sitting above it on the left side of the handset, a button that turns the torch, mounted on the top edge of the phone, on and off. Really, every phone should have a torch. The one here is bright and could come in real handy when, for instance, nature calls while your camping.

There is only one connector on the phone. It is shared by headphones and mains power and is protected by a rubber cover. The connector is proprietary and the headset Samsung provides is a one piece, fairly average affair with flat in-ear buds and no inline music controls.

Samsung says this handset has an extra powerful loudspeaker and indeed it was loud during music playback and calls. There is also noise-cancelling which Samsung says helps remove background noise during calls. I didn't notice that it had much effect, though.

The screen measures a mere 1.77in and displays 128 x 160 pixels. That's simply not enough for many activities and it isn't all that easy to see outdoors, which is probably where you are going to be much of the time while using this handset. Moreover, with just dual-band GSM with GPRS and EDGE capability, data communications are largely out of the equation. Not surprisingly when trying to get the TrustedReviews site up I got an 'Error: Document too large' message. The browser, in fact, lives in WAP world.

There is no Wi-Fi, and no GPS either. The latter is something you might actually find useful on a mobile phone designed for the outdoor life. Moreover, the B2100 lacks the altimeter, pedometer and compass that were key selling points of the B2700 Bound. It does have one plus for the outdoor traveller, though. The ability to send an SOS message to pre-defined people as a quick option in the messaging area of the phone.

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August 14, 2009, 11:30 am

I think this review is very superficial, from the gadget-freak-trendy-journalist-chick point of view.

I'm a graphic designer, not doing much outdoors... But in the last less than two years I "used up"

an iPhone, a Samsung U900, and a SE 980i... all very sleek and stylish. They unbelievable thin,

so put them in your Jeans back pocket and sit down... or does anyone ever used the secondary camera

for video calls? Does people really do email and web browsing on those tiny dark screens?

Maybe I'm strange, but what I expect from a phone is (these days surprisingly calls and texts,

reliability longer than a year life time, possible least amount of cameras, mp3playback the bluetooth transfer is great,

the player should be a little more polished. I do my web browsing and computing jobs preferably

on my 24" screen or if all else fails I use my netbook on the go...


August 14, 2009, 6:45 pm

"from the gadget-freak-trendy-journalist-chick point of view."


Martin Daler

August 14, 2009, 10:28 pm

Yup, I'm with Robi on this one. After all, the wifi signal down at the beach or building site or wherever is likely to be patchy at best - what matters is, will it still work after bouncing off the floor, being dropped in the sand or the briny. Does it sink or float, can I use it with gloves on. The phone should be tested and reviewed with reference to its intended purpose and environment, and I didn't get the feeling that happened in this review.

Drew 1

August 14, 2010, 1:43 pm

Agreed, this phone is brilliant at what it does, surviving being dropped and getting wet.

I have had one for a few months now and so far it has done what I needed it to when I needed it to, including phoning the emergency services after a serious crash and being able to take good enough photos at the scene to prove who was to blame (Not me by the way)

The music player on this phone is a nice added bonus, and the internal speaker is remarkably clear for the size of the phone.

Looking at your overall score for this phone i cant inderstand why its so low as the samsung is perfect for the market it has been aimed at.

the only thing I would fault the handset for is for not having the flash light on the back of the phone rather than the top.this way it could have been used to assist the camera as well as a flash light.

Brilliant phone, wouldnt part with it for the world 9/10.

harry betzel

March 18, 2013, 10:12 pm

Everyone giving bad reviews, why, don't need the web don't need the texting, just set it to fade after 10 seconds then sleep after 3 minutes, lasts a bout a week for me, 90 percent of the phones you want to have a flashlight feature is gonna cost big money, this is all you need to make phonecalls and use the flashlight in emergencies

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