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Samsung SCX-4500
  • Samsung SCX-4500
  • Samsung SCX-4500
  • Samsung SCX-4500
  • Samsung SCX-4500
  • Samsung SCX-4500
  • SCX-4500 Laser Multifunction Printer - MonochromeDesktop (Printer, Copier, Scanner - 17 ppm Mono - 600 x 600 dpi - 8 MB - 100 sheets Input Capacity - USB)


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Consider the following:

Laser printers -

a) are small, beige boxes that spew printed pages.

b) have lots of buttons at the front and insipid LCD displays with no proper tails on g, j, p, q or y.

c) can be made into all-in-ones by gluing scanners on top, sideways.

While all three of the preceding statements may be true of most laser all-in-ones, none are true of Samsung's SCX-4500. It's black with a blue LED display and has its scanner stuck on the right way round.

The jet-black body of the machine is composed of matt and high-gloss panels, so Samsung includes a polishing cloth to keep them that way. The top of the case is completely sheer, with nothing protruding from it. Halfway down the machine there's a gap to let the printed pages out and at the bottom the spring-loaded paper tray pops out, when you press the only physical button on the SCX-4500.

The tray only takes 100 sheets, so you could be attending to its needs pretty regularly if it's used in even a small office. You'll also need to fit the clear plastic paper rest to the front of the machine, to catch the pages coming out. This is a shame, as it detracts from the all-black blockiness of the machine, but without it, all your pages end up on the floor.

All the controls are touch buttons and an array of 14 x 5 pinhead, blue LEDs provides most of the information, such as the number of copies selected and when you have the case open. There's also a series of slightly incongruous, small, red icons, which show up when you do things like run out of paper or toner. As a final touch, the scanner light shines through a blue strip up the side of the flatbed lid, giving a sort of Knight Rider style light, moving back and forwards as a scan is made.

Fitting the combined drum and toner cartridge is very simple, once you've felt underneath the scanner section and pressed open a catch. The cartridge is surprisingly slim and simply lays into its bay, rather than having to be located and slide into position, as is often the case.

The scanner is sensibly portrait-oriented, so documents are placed on the glass with their long edges running front to back. The lid, which opens backwards, is therefore longer than normal and has a tendency to flop shut when you're positioning a document. It could do with folding a little further back.

Michael Pope

January 15, 2010, 12:25 am

Took a long while to decide which new printer to buy. Eventually decided on the Samsung SCX-4500W and definitely not disappointed.

I thought "will I miss not being able to print in colour"? Then again, the amount of times that I really need to print in colour is minimal and there are always plenty of printers accessible to me on the very odd occasions that I might need to.

When it arrived, it was well packaged, took just a short while to set up because I had done my research and found people that complained of problems in setting the printer up to work wireless and others that had told the easiest way to do it. Simple enough, install software, connect the printer to router with the lead (supplied) connect and print off test page. Finally, go into the Sync Thru Web Service page, turn on wireless operation and Hey Presto! after you remove the connecting lead it works wireless !!!

I had planned to site it in a cabinet but after seeing it with it's high gloss piano finish, there was no way that I was going to hide it away.

The Samsung SCX-4500W is everything that the manufacturers claim, small, quite, easy to use, very attractive and gives excellent results.

Well done Samsung !!!

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