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Then there’s the inclusion on the PS50Q7HD of Samsung’s proprietary Digital Natural Image engine processing, complete with its talents for enhancing the appearance of fine detail, boosting black levels/contrast, improving motion handling and making colours more vibrant and natural.

Also contributing to image processing duties is a new Samsung system called Smooth Motion Driver, which allegedly creates and inserts up to 10 extra frames of image every second in a bid to make movement look smoother and more stable.

And still we’re not done with the features, as we find the TV including a new ‘FilterBright’ element in its screen that supposedly cuts out 90 per cent of ambient light-induced reflections; plus a 7-day electronic programme guide system, and memory space for storing multiple recording timer events.

This vast features count is almost unbelievably impressive for a sub-£1,750 50in plasma TV, and leaves us with only one complaint, namely that idiotically you can only scroll through the EPG listings in maximum two hour leaps, making searching for a programme a week away horrendously time-consuming.

All the good stuff we’ve come across so far suggests that if the PS50Q7HD has a price-induced weakness, it must be its AV performance. Yet as we put it through its paces, we find nothing like the horror show we might have anticipated.

One of the common areas of weakness for relatively inexpensive plasma TVs is sharpness. Yet here you get a picture that’s not only totally capable of doing great justice to the extra pixels of detail and texture found in high definition sources, but also makes many standard definition sources look reasonably crisp too. To be fair, Samsung’s DNIe is no rival for Philips’ Pixel Plus 3 HD or JVC’s DynaPix HD in the detail-boosting department, but even just improving things a bit – without introducing lots of unwanted side effects – seems a fair deal for such a cheap TV.


October 21, 2008, 12:40 am

i bought this tv a few months ago for 𨀊 which was a good price, this plasma is now even cheaper and well worth the money, i bought this TV for my main living room and have it set up on my virgin + box and PS3. The HD quality is stunning, PS3 games and blue rays are perfect...

only negatives - the sound is not very good, the standard definition is average if your about 3 or more meters from the screen otherwise you can clearly see noise and frame drops when something on screen is moving, but if you sit over 3 meters from the screen the picture improves.

3 hdmi ports are plenty enough and the piano black finish and silver strip looks very stylish, swivel stand is easy access to the rear of the TV and helps when your connecting your components.

great large tv for about 𧽴

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