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Samsung NB30 review

Andy Vandervell



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Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NB30
  • NB30 25.7 cm 10.1" LED Netbook - Atom N450 1.66 GHz - Black (1024 x 600 WSVGA Display - 1 GB RAM - 250 GB HDD - Intel GMA 3150 - Bluetooth - Webcam - Windows 7 Starter - 11 Hour Battery)


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Samsung isn't the first company to attempt to ruggedize a netbook, the Dell Latitude 2100 beat it to that particular punch line, but it's as much as it can do make netbooks remotely interesting at the moment. A variant of the N210 we reviewed earlier this year, the NB30 discards its shallower touches and adds a toughened shell and a free-fall protected hard drive.

Don't get ideas of ToughBook style ruggedness, though, the "toughened shell" we speak of is merely a wave like pattern that allegedly makes the NB30 stronger and more scratch resistant. It's hardly a revolutionary step, and though it may have some effect on the NB30's ruggedness, it's only marginal.

As for the free-fall protected hard drive, it's a good addition, but one that Toshiba has had on its netbooks since the original NB200. Nonetheless, if you're particularly prone to dropping things, free-fall protection - where the drive heads are parked when motion is detected - is a good thing to have.

Elsewhere, the NB30 is the same netbook we've reviewed several times over. It has a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive, with Wireless-N Wi-Fi and Bluetooth rounding off the wireless connectivity. A 10.1in screen, and its incumbent 1,024 x 600 resolution display, is another given, though Samsung wins brownie points for using an anti-glare finish.

For wired connectivity you get the usual suspects, which include three USB ports, VGA, audio jacks, Ethernet and a memory card slot. This is perfectly sufficient for most demands, and there's the added bonus of one of the USB ports supporting standby charging. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to charge their phone, but doesn't have the mains power adapter to hand.


July 9, 2010, 4:55 pm

I have an N140. I have a job where i have to attend different venues everyday, take down notes and create doc on word, and run a full pdf editor and creator. The battery life is great and i have had only a couple of occassions when i've had to charge while out. It won't quite go to 8 hours continuous work, 6 hours is more like it but thats on a battery saving max 80% charge. The bluetooth lets me tether to my phone and email good sized files as i go. I can even surf if i want and watch saved iplayer files. Mind you the last bit is a battery eater.

I would recommend the samsung netbook range to anyone needing an office with email and skype n the move. but beware the family grabbing it off you for surfing in every room in the house from surfing while watching TV to cooking with recipes on the net.

They really are great products.


July 9, 2010, 11:37 pm

MY god netbooks haven't evolved at all have they? This seems nearly identical to my (almost) 2 year old NC-10. Shame ION never took off

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