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Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
  • Samsung M7600 Beat DJ


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There's little doubting that Samsung produces some great mobile phones and a huge range of them. It has pushed at the megapixels envelope, been one of the leaders in producing touchscreen handsets, and, for the more business-minded, produces a fair few smartphones, too.

However, the company also tries its hand at other kinds of innovation, and the Beat DJ, is an example. This is a mobile aimed unashamedly at music fans. Not exactly a novelty in itself, but the innovation/gimmick comes in the presence of a virtual turntable for scratching and adding effects.

Lozenge shaped and with nicely rounded corners, the handset's quite severe curves make it look smaller than it really is, but it is still pretty tidy for a fully touchscreen mobile at 112mm tall, 51mm wide and 13.9mm thick. It is light, too, at 98g. There is a silver frame all around the front of the phone, the backplate is silver, and the edge is a band of brilliant, bright blue.

There is no physical keyboard. Call, End and Back buttons sit in the bottom curve of the frame. At 2.8in across the screen is a little on the small side for a fully touch-reliant phone. It delivers 400 x 240 pixels, making it quite sharp, and the AMOLED technology makes the screen eminently readable.

The user interface will be familiar to anyone who has seen a touchscreen Samsung mobile recently. The widgets system is brought into play - you drag these onto the main screen from a side bar and they give access to things like contacts, music playback control, date and time, Facebook and YouTube Web links, and so on.

I've said before that I find the widgets idea clever but the icons too large. On this relatively small screen that's more apparent than usual and generally just three will fill the available space. You can stroke upwards to get another screen's worth of widget space, though.

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Hamish Campbell

August 21, 2009, 12:59 pm

He heeee, I love the fact that someone thought music editing and scratching (dear me) would be a good idea for a phone.

I could be cynical and suggest its a marketing gimmick to sell more phones, but I like to think there is some starry eyed dreamer out there that really though this was a good, and useful, addition.

aurora atl

August 21, 2009, 5:30 pm

it makes me wonder why samsung couldn't have incorporated their brilliant DNSe technology into a product like this.

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