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Samsung LE40M87BD 40in LCD TV


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Few if any brands play the specification numbers game better than Samsung. For as well as a full HD pixel count of 1,920 x 1,080, the LE40M87BD boasts a remarkably - if not dubiously - high, claimed contrast ratio of 15,000:1. This is only 1,000:1 shy of the figure Pioneer quotes for its KURO plasma TVs, with their practically revolutionary black level response. Hmm.

Obviously achieving such a figure on an LCD TV requires the use of a dynamic backlight system whereby the picture's brightness can be reduced when dark scenes are detected in order to make black levels look deeper. But also playing a part is the LE40M87BD's employment of one of Samsung's new ‘Super Clear' LCD panels, with their various light-leakage filters.

Sitting quite high up the Samsung LCD TV ‘tree', it's no surprise to find the LE40M87BD pretty well stocked with features. On the image processing side, you get Samsung's Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe) to improve colours, contrast, motion handling and detailing; Movie Plus which interpolates extra frames of image data to reduce LCD's traditional resolution loss over moving objects; and the self-explanatory ‘edge enhancer'.

There's plenty of fine-tuning available in the attractive onscreen menus too, including almost infinite degrees of colour adjustment, MPEG and standard noise reduction tools configurable to various levels of potency, black adjustment, gamma adjustment, white balance adjustment… Really it's hard to think of an option Samsung hasn't provided.

We do report this with a slight sense of irony, though. For with so much thought having gone into putting so many adjustments at your disposal, it frankly beggars belief how little thought appears to have gone into the TV's factory presets. Clearly designed just to grab attention in a bright shop environment, the LE40M87BD's out-of-the-box pictures threaten to damage retinas at home and leave most sources you pipe in looking essentially pants.

Happily, though, provided you're careful and selective with all those fine-tuning features (we'd suggest you arm yourself with the (Digital Video Essentials disc and its helpful test signals), you can get the LE40M87BD to deliver some really very nice pictures indeed.

Richard Waine

August 21, 2008, 1:55 pm

I bought this TV a few months ago to use with my PS3. It has fantastic picture quality at full HD and watching Blu Rays is brilliant.

Watching normal freeview is a bit disappointing because its not HD and it shows. Also, there is shimmering when there is fast movement on TV, but not on Blu Ray or PS3.

jodie b

December 18, 2009, 2:48 am

Purchased this TV because we were told that Samsung were the best on the market, what a mistake, should of stuck with Sony. Have had nothing but trouble with it and Samsung refuse to accept an responsibility. Not very happy considering spent over £1300 in total on Samsung gear. NEVER AGAIN

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