Samsung HT-X810R Home Cinema System specs

By Danny Phillips


Quick Glance
Power 300 W
Power 300 W
Number of Speakers 2 Speakers w/ Subwoofer, Single Speaker and Sub-Woofer


January 20, 2009, 8:16 pm

Hi there i have listened to this system and wasnt impressed i know its a out of the box solution but i thought it was a bit cheap looking and the sound wasnt that great either. I am looking for something like this but without the dvd/cd player as i have a panasonic blu-ray player. I have looked at the yamaha ysp30 and found a great deal on a denon dhtfs3 which i found for 𧹇. I have seen this unit in other places for 𧻞 upwards what would your opinion be. Hopefully you have had a listen.

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