Samsung HT-C6200 2.1-Channel Blu-ray System - Samsung HT-C6200

By Danny Phillips



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Samsung’s Blu-ray players have proved some of the fastest disc loaders to date, and sure enough the HT-C6200 is quick on the draw. Terminator Salvation takes 45 seconds to reach the first video screen, which is lightning quick when you consider that some Blu-ray players can take closer to two minutes. Even the disc’s BD Live portal opens quicker than we’ve ever seen and operates with unusual slickness; while the 1GB of built-in memory means you don’t need a USB drive to store downloads.

We switched to Avatar on Blu-ray and discovered that the HT-C6200 does a superb job with this stunning disc. Picture-wise, it plunges you into Pandora’s kaleidoscopic landscapes with mesmerising colour depth, sharply rendered detail and exquisitely subtle shading. It may not be 3D but the clarity and contrast range is so good that you’ll still feel immersed in the image. As night sets in the action remains easy to follow and the dizzying camera work shows no signs of judder.

Its presentation of Avatar’s DTS HD Master Audio soundtrack is equally impressive. We skipped to the 'Battle For Pandora' (chapter 30) and the mixture of crisp, dynamic effects, pounding bass and clearly conveyed speech will get even the most sceptical listener on the edge of their seat.

Sharp high frequency effects, like clashing metal and the crack of gunfire, are reproduced without the brightness that some previous Samsung systems have suffered from, and during quieter moments there’s a decent amount of detail (the gentle sound of feet crunching on the floor of the jungle is a good example).

That said, the sound will no doubt seem coloured to discerning ears, lacking the finesse and neutrality you’d get from a separate speaker package. And although there’s some sense of integration between speakers and sub, low-end effects do sound quite disjointed and overpowering, particularly when Power Bass is activated.

As for the other audio modes, Smart Sound isn’t much cop but we’re pleasantly surprised by V-Sound, which actually feels like it’s wrapping the sound around the listener. It doesn’t separate or place surround effects particularly well, but it does create a blanket of ambience during action scenes that involves the listener more effectively than many 2.1 systems we’ve tested.

Add enjoyable music playback from CD and MP3 and crisp, untarnished DVD upscaling into the mix and what you have is a very capable all-round performer.


The HT-C6200 is a highly impressive 2.1-channel system. Most buyers will be lured by the jazzy looks and incredible feature list, which reads like an A-Z of home entertainment, but it’s also an impressive performer with Blu-ray and DVD. We’re big fans of the improvements Samsung has made to its networking functionality, which makes for a much slicker user experience than before.

Sound quality is flawed in places, adding more evidence to the case for buying separates, but the sort of casual listener this system is aimed at will be more than happy with what’s on offer, particularly if they’re upgrading from TV speakers. Its expensive price tag might be an issue for budget buyers, but at least you can’t complain that you’re being short-changed.

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  • Performance 8
  • Value 8
  • Features 9
  • Design 8

Andy 17

May 7, 2010, 11:33 am

Good review, thanks. Very interested in these new Samsung units, any ideas if this is wireless n or g, makes a difference for the DLNA streaming?


May 7, 2010, 1:31 pm

Been looking for a system to go with my samsung series 8 for ages now. I was tempted to take a look down the separates route. But with this decent enough package I may just settle. Plus separates is a bit pricey and not really worth it if you want 2.1



May 8, 2010, 11:21 am

I've got BD-C5500 which is a stand alone Blu-ray player version of this one – all features are the same, but it only has wired internet connection (wireless via additional dongle) and no on-board memory (BD-C6500 has both). It's just over £100, so a decent separates 5.1 system may come down under £500. The player itself is superb (fantastic value too). Even faster loading times than reported here e.g. Apocalypto loads in ~10 seconds (it's not all that rosy: Avatar takes 2-3 min!). I tested the DLNA streaming with HD video 720p MKV, and no problem (BD player on wired, but laptop with source files was connected via 802.11g). So I suspect HT-C6200 would stream via “g” without issues.

There are however some irritating issues which may be shared with HT-C6200 . It's not possible to play music and browse other folders (other than the location of currently played file) – this applies to playback from all: Disc, USB and DLNA. Also the JPEGs are displayed with poor quality. I returned my first player because of the poor JPEGs and the second suffers from the same. All reported to Samsung, which hopefully will be resolved with the next firmware.

(I would be interested to know if HT-C6200 has the same problems)

On the plus side: the nearest competitor i.e. Sony BDP-S370 will not play from USB formatted in NTFS and DLNA is not yet operational – Samsung has no problems with those.


May 13, 2010, 11:34 pm

Hmm! I wonder if TR realised before they reviewed the HT-C6200 that its NOT available via Samsung UK? I enquired through a UK Samsung main dealer & they told me that it wasn't available via Samsung UK, so what gives? Are Pixmania "grey" importers? If its not available (or known) by Samsung UK, what sort of warranty is available??


May 14, 2010, 2:55 pm

Update to my last comment! It seems that the HT-C6200 is only available via Samsung in Belgium - I found it for 470 Euros, so it looks like Pixmania may be "grey importing" the unit! Given the well reported poor service provided by Pixmania (just google "Pixmania service") I'll wait for Samsung UK to stock this unit. Have to say, given the spec & £500 price it looks like a good piece of kit!

Danny P

May 19, 2010, 8:06 pm

Yes we had it confirmed by Samsung that the system won't be available in the UK, but they told us that after we'd posted the review. Shame, as it's a brilliant little system


June 2, 2010, 3:19 pm

@ Danny P - I see today that Amazon UK are selling it @ £499.06 via SotelUK (a German company). Very tempted to buy as I cannot find anything anywhere that comes anywhere near to this piece of kit for £500!


June 28, 2010, 1:44 pm

Ok - I have bought one - paid £349 inc DHL delivery & VAT. Verdict: A screaming bargain. The unit is better than expected & at £350 it's a no brainer. As soon as I had set it up on my WiFi network, it automatically downloaded / installed latest firmware!! Avatar on Blu-Ray is simply awsome - sound is amazing. DVD playback is fantastic - Lord of the Rings on DVD was good before but with the HT-C6200's upscaling feature its awsome & the sound track simply fantastic! FM radio, LAN / WiFi connectivity, iPod dock all excellent. Without doubt the best £350 I have spent in a long time. A very happy bunny! :)

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