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Samsung GX-10 - Test Shots - Exposure Evaluation

By Cliff Smith



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Samsung GX-10


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This page consists of resized images so that you can evaluate the overall exposure.


In JPEG mode the 22-bit data path doesn't give much advantage, but in RAW mode it provides greater colour depth and more exposure latitude.


I just had to get a photo of my new car in there somehow, didn't I? Here it is ably demonstrating the excellent dynamic range available from the RAW mode. The exposure was adjusted in Adobe Camera RAW to bring up a lot of highlight and shadow detail that was simply not visible in JPEG mode.


Shooting at three frames a second you can capture some amazing action shots. This one was done using 15 consecutive frames, then composited together in Photoshop CS2. The guy flying the kite is my good friend Rich Holloway.


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  • Value 10
  • Image Quality 10

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April 3, 2009, 3:13 am

Hi Cliff. Just wondering whether the GX-10 is COMPLETELY compatible with all the other Pentax KAF Mount lenses, as Samsung's current lenses are not so numerous. i.e. will there be ANY difference in the performance of a current Pentax DSLR lens on a GX10 compared to a K10D? Many thanks for your help and for the reviews.

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