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Samsung B2700 Bound - Samsung B2700 Bound

By Sandra Vogel



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The side buttons aren't rubberised in the same way as the keypad so how well they protect against water, mud and dust is debatable. There are side buttons for volume control, starting the camera running and toggling on and off a bright LED torch that sits on the top edge of the handset. All phones should have one of these!

The software for outdoor types is not, to be honest, enough to set my world alight. A pedometer counts steps, giving a rough approximation of distance covered and calories burned. A real adventure sports or outdoor activity person probably either cares very little about these things when they are engaged in an activity or has specialist GPS related equipment that can do a far better job than this pedometer does.

The compass and altimeter are potentially more useful though the latter seemed inaccurate to me. I'd always carry a pocket compass myself, too, as it's quicker and easier to use than the one here, can give me degree level accuracy, is easier to use to take a bearing and draw this on a map and, obviously enough, doesn't rely on a battery and so is 'always on'.

Standard phone software not already mentioned includes an FM radio, voice recorder, mobile email, Google Search and Google Mail shortcuts and an email client. There's also an RSS reader, calendar, task manager, memo, world clock, calculator, unit converter, timer, stopwatch and five alarms.


A year on from its predecessor this rugged phone from Samsung exhibits a few improvements, but I am not convinced the B2700 Bound has a place in the rucksack of the serious outdoors type on the basis of the features it offers. Its battery life, though, could buy its passage, because nobody wants to be caught in a sticky situation with a dead mobile phone.

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April 3, 2009, 11:58 am

Yes, it is my main and only mobile phone. Toughness is a must for me in all circumstances. Good menus but i don't like much the buttons experience. I would not change it for something else.


January 27, 2011, 2:04 pm

I bought the Samsung B2700 Bound as I had previously damaged phones whilst hill walking. It worked fine from a tough point of view. The features are great, especially the compass. The problem is the software. It keeps switching the phone off, and ceasing to recognise the phone book or text files. It seems to be tough on the outside but flakey inside. I could find no help on the Samsung website and you need to live close to a help centre to receive assistance. I would recommend you look elsewhere for a rugged phone or at least buy cheaply so as not to have an expensive papaerweight on your desk.

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