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Samsung B2700 Bound - Samsung B2700 Bound

By Sandra Vogel



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The camera shoots stills to 2-megapixels. It has no flash or self-portrait mirror and is probably not quite good enough for capturing shots of your outdoor adventures, especially if you like to show off nice quality, large prints.

Annoyingly the default shooting mode doesn't show the entire viewfinder's range - you get more than you see on screen. Switching to 'standard ratio view' fixes that but puts the viewfinder into a small portion of the screen rather than using all of it. Neither system satisfies.

However, image quality is not too bad given that there is no autofocus or flash. The coloured dish, photographed indoors and under normal household lights, has good colour reproduction and is certainly bright enough. Outside, the photograph of the chair is a decent one for a 2-megapixel camera. The photos of flowers were taken fairly close in and show that closer shots aren't great as far as focus is concerned and that lighter areas can be over-exposed. Colour rendering is very good, though.

The B2700 Bound is a 3G handset but lacks HSDPA support. It has quad-band GSM to back that up. There is a front camera for two-way video-calling. Of course, this band support will mean nothing if there is no reception where you intend to travel. So check that before deciding to rely on this phone!

And if you are thinking of using this phone for web browsing, then think again. The screen is well below par for that kind of activity being a 176 x 220 pixel, 1.9in TFT LCD. You really aren't going to want to browse the web on it any more than is absolutely necessary.

OK, so let's get on to the rugged features.

These are most apparent in the build of the handset. The B2700 Bound is rubber clad and the number pad is made from a single sheet of rubber rather than individual keys, albeit with a design that has indents around the key areas. The keys are reasonably easy to press, though if you were outdoors in cold conditions and wearing gloves I think their small size might be problematic. Still, while the phone was generally easy to handle I did have to wait occasionally for it to catch up with my key presses.

As for size and weight, the B2700 Bound is a little chunkier than you might like at 115 x 52 x 18mm and 115g. There is a long channel on the top of the phone for hanging it from a lanyard. I can't actually think of an outdoor activity where having a phone hanging round your neck or from a belt-clip (for example) is a good idea. In my experience, nothing that isn't absolutely necessary should be dangling about your person when you are engaged in some sort of adventure sport or activity.

I also don't doubt for a moment that the screen and camera lenses will get scratched, but at least the mains power/headset socket is protected by a rubber cover that's pretty well anchored. However, if you loose that, the socket offers a direct route into the innards of the phone for nasty substances.

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April 3, 2009, 11:58 am

Yes, it is my main and only mobile phone. Toughness is a must for me in all circumstances. Good menus but i don't like much the buttons experience. I would not change it for something else.


January 27, 2011, 2:04 pm

I bought the Samsung B2700 Bound as I had previously damaged phones whilst hill walking. It worked fine from a tough point of view. The features are great, especially the compass. The problem is the software. It keeps switching the phone off, and ceasing to recognise the phone book or text files. It seems to be tough on the outside but flakey inside. I could find no help on the Samsung website and you need to live close to a help centre to receive assistance. I would recommend you look elsewhere for a rugged phone or at least buy cheaply so as not to have an expensive papaerweight on your desk.

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