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By Jonathan Bray



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This stand alone utility allows you to manage your photos, music and video in one application and is a powerful tool in its own right. But its real power lies in its use throughout the suite in place of Windows’ standard file selection dialog box.

It’s a great idea and certainly an extremely powerful one. On installation the software scans your hard drives for media and sets up a whole load of watch folders. You can edit the list as necessary but once setup you simply leave it to its own devices. Then, instead of having to remember folder locations when you need to locate a music file, photo or movie file to add to a CD or DVD movie project you just point to the relevant sections in the Roxio file selector.

Music is organised by album and artist, recently added or by date, genre and so on – just like having Media Player’s library view built directly into your file selector dialog box. Movies and photos, likewise, are organised by date, most recently added and star rating. And you can switch to a traditional folder view if you need to.

Unfortunately, though packed with features, this package is fatally flawed. The central core, for instance, is littered with irritating problems and bugs. It doesn’t seem able to handle TIFF images correctly – the thumbnails come out scrambled. It’s one hell of a resource hog. Just flicking between the different views for standard PC folders, media organiser and custom albums can take a few seconds, and there’s a small delay when carrying out even simple tasks such as expanding folders in the tree view. And sometimes the file dialog just refuses to work.

The problems don’t end there. Though easy to use, My DVD Express is about as flaky as a box of All Bran and falls over at a moment’s notice, especially when attempting to preview your carefully crafted DVD movie and slide show compilations. And the rest of the suite is similarly afflicted, with applications regularly throwing error messages, freezing up, shutting down and generally causing frustration and disruption.


On the face of it Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 8 offers an awful lot of software for your money. It has some potentially very powerful features and has pretty much every media authoring base covered. And it's just £60.

The trouble is it’s littered with bugs. This would be hard enough to swallow if it was a pre-release or open source. But this isn’t beta software or free; it’s a commercially available boxed product that you’re expected to pay cold, hard cash for. And I can't possibly recommend it as a result. Avoid at all costs.


Since publishing this review Roxio has contact TrustedReviews concerning the problems that we experienced. Although we didn't contact Roxio prior to publishing this review, we felt that a commercially available piece of software should work straight out of the box. That said, we are now working with Roxio in an attempt to resolve the problems listed here, and if we manage to get the software working as it should, we will update this review accordingly.

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