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  1. Ricoh Theta S
  2. Ricoh Theta
  3. Ricoh GR 8

    Ricoh GR

    If you have £600 to spend on a compact, spend it on this.

  4. Ricoh CX6

    Ricoh CX6

    The latest model in Ricoh's CX series features several eye-catching upgrades, but does it warrant serious consideration?

  5. Ricoh CX4

    Ricoh CX4

    Another tiny upgrade for Ricoh's long-zoom compact

  6. Ricoh GXR

    Ricoh GXR

    Ricoh's compact system camera does things a little differently

  7. Ricoh CX3

    Ricoh CX3

    Ricoh's high-performance zoom compact now comes with HD video

  8. Ricoh CX2

    Ricoh CX2

    Is in-camera HDR the next big thing? Ricoh certainly thinks so.

  9. Ricoh GR Digital III

    Ricoh GR Digital III

    The most expensive pocket compact on the market doesn’t even have a zoom lens

  10. Ricoh CX1

    Ricoh CX1

    Ricoh’s latest camera combines performance, versatility and image quality

  11. Ricoh R10

    Ricoh R10

    The latest in Ricoh’s long-running series of zoom compacts features a 10MP sensor, 7.1x zoom and 28mm wide angle.

  12. Ricoh G600

    Ricoh G600

    If you need a camera that can survive water, dust, cold and shocks then Ricoh has just the thing.

  13. Ricoh GR Digital II
  14. Ricoh GX200

    Ricoh GX200

    Exclusive world's first review of the Ricoh GX200. Is this the best compact ever?

  15. Ricoh R8

    Ricoh R8

    Ricoh piles on the style in the long-zoom compact stakes.