Pinnacle Studio 12 specs

By James Morris


Media Format DVD-ROM
Program Type Video Editing
Max Licensed Users 1 User
System Requirements Processor: Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.8GHz (2.4GHz or higher recommended) Intel Pentium HT or AMD Athlon 2.4GHz or 1.6GHz Dual core required for Windows Vista Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz or higher required for 1440x1080 AVCHD editing Intel Core2 Quad 2.66 GHz or higher required for 1920x1080 AVCHD editing Operating Systems: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 & 3 Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 Hard Disk: 3GB of space Memory: 1GB RAM 2GB RAM for AVCHD recommended for HD and/or Windows Vista Optical Drive: DVD-ROM CD burner for creating Video CDs or Super Video CDs (S-VCDs) DVD burner for creating DVD, HD-DVD and AVCHD discs on standard media Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray discs Others: DirectX 9 or higher compatible sound card Sound card with surround sound output required for preview of surround sound mixes Capture from DV, HDV and Digital8 camcorders or VCRs (requires a FireWire port) Import from AVCHD camcorders requires USB 2.0 and a UDF driver Capture from analog camcorders, 8 MM, HI 8, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, or VCRs (NTSC/PAL/SECAM). Requires DirectShow compatible graphic board or TV tuner board with analog (Composite or S-Video) inputs on your PC Output to DV, HDV or Digital8 tape (requires camcorder with DV Input port and a PC with a DV/FireWire port) Output to analog videotape (requires DirectShow compatible video device or video card with TV-output)

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