1. Philips 47PFL6907

    Philips 47PFL6907T

    Philips bids for fashion glory, but falls short in the picture department.

  2. Philips 40PFL7007T front

    Philips 40PFL7007T

    As an all-round package, this is arguably Philips' best 2012 TV yet.

  3. Philips 32PFL6007T

    Philips 32PFL6007T

    A mid-range 32-inch TV with plenty of 2D and 3D punch.

  4. Philips 46PFL9707

    Philips 46PFL9707

    Philips' new Moth Eye TV sets new picture standards. With 2D, at least...

  5. Philips 55PFL6007

    Philips 55PFL6007

    Philips' latest mid-range TV puts the company back on track.

  6. Philips 46PFL8007

    Philips 46PFL8007

    Philips returns to the TV fray in spectacular fashion with this high-end LED offering.

  7. Philips 47PFL6900
  8. Philips 42PFL7666

    Philips 42PFL7666T

    The Philips 42PFL7666 delivers arguably the most compelling argument yet for passive 3D – and it’s not bad at other stuff either!

  9. Philips NetTV platform

    Philips NetTV platform

    Philips has made its NetTV online system look nice, but now it needs to focus on boosting the amount of content it carries.

  10. Philips 50PFL7956T

    Philips 50PFL7956H

    Philips attempts to make its 21:9-ratio TVs more mainstream with a set that also marks the brands’ first foray into passive 3D technology

  11. Philips 46PFL9706T
  12. Philips 58PFL9956H at IFA
  13. Philips 40PFL9705H

    Philips 40PFL9705H

    Yes, it's flawed. Yes, it's fiddly. But thankfully Philips' 40PFL9705H is nonetheless pretty damn great if you treat it right.

  14. Philips 32PFL7605H

    Philips 32PFL7605H

    Although it's not quite one of Philips' classic TVs, this 32in set is a more than solid all-rounder.

  15. Philips 42PFL6805H Econova

    Philips 42PFL6805H Econova

    This 42in LED LCD TV proves you don't have to wear recycled paper underpants to show your love for the Earth's well-being.