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Latest Philips Surround Sound System reviews.

  1. Philips Fidelio B1

    Philips Fidelio B1

    Can this tiny soundbar justify its big price tag?

  2. Philips Fidelio E6

    Philips Fidelio E6

    Combat clutter with this lounge-friendly 5.1 system

  3. Philips Izzy

    Philips Izzy BM5

    Multiroom has never been simpler

  4. Philips Fidelio B5

    Philips Fidelio B5

    Philips’ ingenious soundbar delivers "Surround on Demand"

  5. Philips XS1

    Philips Fidelio XS1

    Add some sonic sparkle to your system with Philips’ super-slim soundbase

  6. Philips HTL5140

    Philips HTL5140

    Philips' slim soundbar delivers top-drawer sonics and plenty of features at a great price

  7. Philips Fidelio E5

    Philips Fidelio E5

    Get Surround on Demand with Philips clutter-busting 2.1-channel system

  8. Philips HTL9100

    Philips HTL9100

    A clever soundbar solution with detachable wireless speakers

  9. Philips HTL5120

    Philips HTL5120

    A classy wireless soundbar with inbuilt Bluetooth.

  10. Philips NP3700

    Philips NP3700

    A stylish, easy-to-use network music streamer with Napster and web radio to boot.

  11. Philips MCI8080

    Philips MCI8080

    Find out why Philips’ versatile Wi-Fi hi-fi is a terrific choice for music lovers

  12. Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800
  13. Philips PET712 Portable DVD Player

    Philips PET712 Portable DVD Player

    If you're after a portable DVD player for in-car use then the PET712 is a splendid dual-display proposition.

  14. Philips HTS4600/05 2.1-Channel Home Cinema System

    Philips HTS4600/05 2.1-Channel Home Cinema System

    Another stylish 2.1-channel home cinema system from Philips, but is there any substance behind the style?

  15. Philips DCP951 Portable DVD Player

    Philips DCP951 Portable DVD Player

    This portable DVD player includes an integrated iPod dock. So is it the perfect family travel companion?