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Philips AJ300D iPod/GoGear Clock Radio - Philips AJ300D iPod/GoGear Clock Radio

By Benny Har-Even



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Philips AJ300D iPod/GoGear Clock Radio


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The small speakers are assisted by the amusingly named ‘wOOx’ bass driver technology. Silly as the name may be, it’s highly effective, making the dock entirely listenable. The bass fills in the sound very impressively for such a relatively small box. I sat there listening to it while writing this review, without finding it too tiring or objectionable. While it can’t be described as Hi-Fi, we are talking about music that you’ll be listing to in the background as you get dressed in the morning and on that basis it gets a thumbs up. It goes plenty loud too so if you need to wake the rest of the household up, or indeed the neighbours you can make a good stab at it with this.

After you’ve set the alarm and the source you’ve selected kicks in, it does so gently, probably in a bid to avoid being smashed by a fist thrown by a bleary eyed owner. It gets louder though quite quickly and a tap of the button at the top will silence it for another nine minutes. The button is the whole top of the dock so you’ll have a good chance of making contact, without having to open your eyes.

All in all, this is a genuinely good little clock radio, and a great way to give your iPod, or indeed GoGear, a good morning workout. It is well put together, easy to use and sounds pretty good too. The £70 RRP is a little on the expensive side but Dabs.com are doing it for only £56, though there was no stock at the time of writing. At that price it’s worth waiting for.


A clock radio for the iPod generation, which cleverly supports Apple’s player and Philips’ own GoGear. It displays Philips' usual design appeal, is easy to use and sounds better than expected, and though it’s not super cheap, this is a strong product that’s easy to recommend.

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Douglas Neish

May 6, 2013, 10:09 am

I have used my Philips AJ300D Docking Entertainment System for many years with great pleasure and complete satisfaction. I now want to change the dock to accommodate an iPod Classic but cannot remove the old dock. How do I proceed?


May 18, 2013, 11:05 pm

Flip the switch at the bottom from lock to unlock and just lift the dock adapter out. It is very easy. Or look on the instructions manual. If you can't find it here it is online:


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