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Pentax K100D Digital SLR - Pentax Shake Reduction

By Cliff Smith



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Pentax K100D Digital SLR


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Since the Pentax Shake Reduction system is new and untried, I took a series of hand-held test shots at a range of low shutter speeds to see how it coped. These shots were all taken at a focal length of 55mm, so the recommended safe shooting speed would be at least 1/60th of a second.


One stop below the recommended speed at 1/30th, and there is a tiny hint of movement blur. Nothing to worry about really.


More than 2 stops below the recommended speed at 1/10th, and if anything this shot is sharper than the last one.


More than 3 stops below the recommended speed at 1/6th, and this shot is nice and sharp. Two others at this speed were shake-blurred though.



June 10, 2013, 3:44 pm

I picked up one of these about 18 months ago, and other than using up regular Ni-Cd and alkaline batteries quickly, it allows me to use all my K1000 lenses, flash and accessories that have been sitting in my gadget bag for a while. The battery problem was solved using hi capacity Ni-Mh Batteries, which have a capacity of about 2100 MaHr, allowing a longer single use time. Keeping 2 or 3 sets charged and ready solved any trouble that may arrive. All in all, a great deal for the amateur or seasoned photographer who has used a K1000 in the past.

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