Find reviews of the latest Panasonic TVs 31in - 39in.

  1. Panasonic TX-32AS500

    Panasonic TX-32AS500

    A £300 32-inch TV from a big brand

  2. Panasonic TX-32AS600

    Panasonic TX-32AS600

    A mostly good 32-inch TV let down by a familiar flaw

  3. Panasonic L32E6

    Panasonic TX-L32E6

    Bedroom gaming TVs don't get much better than this.

  4. Panasonic L39E6

    Panasonic TX-L39E6

    The first 39-inch TV we've ever tested turns out to be rather good.

  5. Panasonic L32X5

    Panasonic TX-L32X5B

    Panasonic's ultra-affordable entry-level LCD TV is better than you might expect.

  6. Panasonic L32ET5

    Panasonic TX-L32ET5

    Panasonic’s first ever passive 3D 32in TV proves a likable addition to its range.

  7. Panasonic L37E5B

    Panasonic TX-L37E5B

    The L37E5 might be Panasonic’s entry-level 37in TV, but it still has online functionality and isn’t a bad performer either.

  8. Panasonic 37

    Panasonic TX-L37DT30

    Can the L37DT30 do justice to 3D programming where its smaller counterparts fell short? We take a look.

  9. Panasonic Viera TX-L37V20B

    Panasonic Viera TX-L37V20B

    The specs are good, but for a flagship LED LCD television, this 37-incher doesn't quite hit the mark.

  10. Panasonic Viera TX-L37S20B

    Panasonic Viera TX-L37S20B

    Does this 37in LCD TV do enough to stand out from the crowd?

  11. Panasonic Viera TX-L32S20B

    Panasonic Viera TX-L32S20B

    It's good to see a 32in Panasonic LCD TV available at a competitive price, but is it worth the cash?

  12. Panasonic Viera TX-L37G20

    Panasonic Viera TX-L37G20

    There's little to really dislike about this 37in LCD TV, but it does face stiff competition from its own camp.

  13. Panasonic Viera TX-L32D28

    Panasonic Viera TX-L32D28

    Panasonic bites the LED-backlight bullet with this 32in LCD television.

  14. Panasonic Viera TX-P37X20B 37in Plasma TV

    Panasonic Viera TX-P37X20B 37in Plasma TV

    The TX-P37X20B is a tempting option for a reasonably serious, HD-loving, but cash-strapped AV fan.

  15. Panasonic Viera TX-L32G10B - 32in Freesat LCD TV

    Panasonic Viera TX-L32G10B - 32in Freesat LCD TV

    Panasonic's latest 32in packs Freeview and Freesat tuners, a Full HD resolution and 100Hz processing.