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By John Archer



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The P37X20 isn’t a particularly talented standard definition performer, either. For oddly (given that the HD Ready screen isn’t having to work as hard to upscale standard definition as a full HD screen would), its standard definition pictures look softer and less detailed than I’d like.

Standard definition pictures are also much more prone to rogue colour tones than HD ones, with the extent of the colour tone irregularities depending directly on how low in quality the source material is. For instance, while footage shot in the carefully controlled environment of the Sky News studio looks quite natural, whenever the footage switches to an outside broadcast, you can immediately see flesh tones becoming inconsistent (either too pink or too orange), greens becoming muted, and the overall colour palette looking less dynamic.

The example I’ve given there is a little extreme, I guess, since it’s not often that normal TV fare plumbs the quality depths of your typical outside news broadcast. But the P37X20B also displays more picture quality difference than usual when switching between low and high quality digital TV channels.

Another issue is that the P37X20B’s post-calibration picture isn’t as bright as your typical LCD screen (though you do, of course, get the P37X20B’s contrast benefits as ample compensation). And finally, I was disappointed by how reflective the toughened glass screen is of lights and objects in your room. This could become a quite major problem in very bright environments.

The P37X20B’s audio, meanwhile, is pretty much par for the affordable 37in TV course. Which means that a lack of bass and treble extension leaves the mid-range sounding rather crowded. However, the P37X20B does at least have enough raw power handling not to let that crowding tip over into distortion. Plus it’s able to nudge up at least half a gear when required by a potent action scene, avoiding that boring one-dimensionality so commonly heard with relatively small and affordable flat TVs.


The P37X20B is a tempting option for a reasonably serious, HD-loving, but cash-strapped AV fan. It delivers some clear and desirable advantages over similarly priced LCD screens and achieves an incremental improvement over last year’s X10 series.

However, it’s not without weakness, and I have to say from what I’ve seen at various demos so far that it’s actually Panasonic’s new G20 and higher plasma series that look more likely to set 2010 alight. So if you can manage to save up for one of those (though admittedly the P42G20 is currently nearly twice as expensive as the P37X20B), it might be worth at least holding on until we’ve had chance to do a full G20 model review.

Technology changes, and so sho

March 19, 2010, 12:56 am

So, one of the reasons Panasonic touts plasma at this size is that it's supposed to be more energy efficient than LCD.

How does this claim stack up?

Dusty M

March 20, 2010, 3:10 pm

Hi,I have had a 42px70 since jan07 and although it is not full hd I have to agree with john that when running bluray or my tosh hd player( yes I bought jusy b4 tosh dropped the bomb shell)the picture is fantastic also the black level is really good.But looking at the x10 range that is about to end I did think Panasonic had taken a step back in picture quality,does anybody else agree.


March 26, 2010, 6:26 am

To John Archer: You reviewed both TX-P37X20 & TH-37PX80, are you really saying Image Quality of the PX80 is better? PX80 > 9/10 vs X20 8/10..

I'm wondering since my defective PX80 is now in the process of being replaced by Panasonic for an X20. So, should I press them for a better deal? Or will I be fine? If the IQ is equal to the PX80's I'll be very happy. The TV is for the bedroom btw, where it's usually pretty dark.


May 12, 2010, 9:57 pm

Having bought the TX-P37X20B and played with it for the last few days...I'm impressed. I tend to agree with the main review but I would rate the sound 9 out of 10. The grahic equalizer, lacking on the previous plasma models makes a huge difference. There's plenty of bass, treble and other tone control. I run the surround sound mode with just the standard set speakers. It's brilliant and out classes many other expensive sets that I have been viewing and trying. The picture is stunning on Virgin Media cable SD mode, and HD is just superb! Freview is fine too. Everything about the set is easy to use with huge menu's to satify any setup demands you may have. In other words you can tweak till your hearts content and the results will be just what you want. Straight out of the box mine was setup really well by the factory. I've made almost no changes. Prior to buying this set I wanted a high end LCD full HD set...and I'm so glad I didn't get one. THIS IS MUCH BETTER FOR NEARLY EVERYONE'S NEEDS. And I'm fussy as hell!


May 14, 2010, 3:27 pm

Sorry...forgot to mention power useage and viewing angles in my brief review above. Can only say it uses less power than my old 32" Philips CRT widescreen which was rated at 205w if my memory serves me correctly. I haven't measured the actual power throughput, but the book says average 'power on' use for the TX-P37X20B is 115watt...maximum rated power use 190w. I suspect this will in reality be somewhere inbetween depending on how you set the TV up and where and how it's used ie: are the power saving features switched on, is CATS switched on (dims screen down as the room gets darker to avoid eye strain, using less power, and is incidentally a very good feature we have found) etc etc. The other point I must mention is the fabulour 'viewing angle free' design. Being a plasm, you can watch this set comfortably from any angle you wish without any noticeable loss of picture quality at all. NO LCD CAN MATCH IT! We have found it to be a terrific asset as my LG LCD set cannot be watched from anywhere but the direct frontal view to get the HD quality. It's rubbish from anywhere else (I'm not rubbishing LG sets...all makes of LCD are like that with just some a little better than others). Plasma's are brilliant and with much better screen life too than LCD. Hope this is helpful.


May 21, 2010, 4:32 pm

I was so disappointed to see this luke-warm review after the more enthusiastic review for the X10. Desperate to upgrade from Daewoo DUB2850 CRT (DTV) in time for the World Cup, but wary of LCD quality within my budget, I've been looking out for a bargain plasma to give me a STANDARD DEFINITION picture in which I can read the numbers on our boys' shirts and which is not garishly aimed at the gaming market. Panasonic have already brought out models with only one SCART socket *horror*.

Starfleet, you've encouraged me - in your opinion would the SD Freeview picture on this be a significant step up from medium-quality CRT? (I'm taking your word for it that I wouldn't need to buy a sound system to add on!) And can .avi movies be converted to play on the SD card?



August 16, 2010, 1:46 am

clemenzina, sorry for a late reply...haven't been about. Don't know if this is any help now but here goes. I found the SD picture on my new Plasma TX-P37X20B to be significantly better than my 32" CRT Philips set whether watching Freeview or Virgin Media Cable. It's also better than my LG Full HD LCD set in SD or Full HD. Quite a suprise. So I don't think the lower resolution on the Panny set is very significant at all and the original reviewers comment about this aspect is depends on the quality of the panel and the software driving it rather than just the screen res. It's great. In fact the picture on my Plasma set has just been getting better and better and it's not my imagination either. Get one!!


February 4, 2011, 12:40 pm

I have just purchased this TV, unfortunatly I dont understand any of the jargon that has been written on the reviews, but I must say its a very nice TV, Picture is great, not to pleased with the sound as speakers are at the back, but with my little surround system has solved that problem. As this is now a discontinud line I got this Tv at a fantastic price.

If any body can help me tweak this TV in laymans terms please get in touch .


August 25, 2011, 11:22 pm

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download archive
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