Panasonic Strada CN-GP50N Sat-Nav - Panasonic Strada CN-GP50N

By Jonathan Bray



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There's even an electronic compass built into the thing that doesn't rely on the GPS signal - so it can guess at where you are on the map when you enter a long tunnel or lose the satellite signal in some other way.

But now onto the bad things. Well I say bad, but what I really mean is disappointing, because there's nothing disastrously wrong with the Strada. The first thing to point out is that, despite the fact that it costs well over £200, it doesn't come with TMC or the ability to receive traffic information over a data connection. You can add a TMC receiver at a later date, but to be honest; at this price I'd expect it to be included.

The second thing is that it doesn't quite have all the bells and whistles of a TomTom. For instance, the auto volume is merely speed based rather than related to actual cockpit noise, and even though brightness can be adjusted based on whether you're in night mode or day mode, there's no light sensor to do it automatically for you.

Finally, I'm not a fan of the Strada's non-standard charging arrangements. Instead of using the standard mini-USB socket on the side, the Strada utilises a tiny circular power input, which means buying spares or replacing lost and damaged charging cables will be more hassle than it should be.


However, those are mere niggles, because in most respects this is a very competent sat-nav system. Its biggest strength is that enormous screen, which makes spotting POI's and map-reading extremely easy, but there's plenty of other stuff that's worth having too.

It's still not quite the complete system that the TomTom Go 720 is, and doesn't feel quite as responsive in use either, but if you'd prefer a big screen £250 isn't too much to ask.

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Shane N.Ireland

July 16, 2008, 12:33 am

I purchased one of these satnavs yesterday, I was influenced by the dealers assertion that I could update the maps free of charge whenever i want & despite the fact that upgrades are mentioned on the box I have yet to find out how to actually upgrade the maps and when you live in a backwood like NIreland thats important, the other option that influenced my purchase wqs the bluetooth handsfree the strada wouldn't import my contacts from my nokia e50 though i eventually managed to do this by marking all my contacts and sending them via the established blueetooth connection, finding numbers in my contacts on the strada is to put it bluntly a real hassle you select the first letter tab (abc) or (ghi) for instance and then you have to scroll through all your g's all your h's then all your i's until you eventually find the number (disgraceful) the map performs well enough reconfigures the routes quickly, I'm not interested in the photo viewer, to round of I find the software very slow, and the contacts are a disgrace, I have tried the internet and i've tried panasonic to find out how this magic updating of the maps is supposed to be carried out, I'll be having a talk with the salesman tomorrow, think twice before you buy.

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