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Panasonic BB-HCM311 - Software Screen Shots

By Dave Mitchell



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Panasonic BB-HCM311


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The main viewing screen provides plenty of image controls, preset positions and also access to the output connector.


The BL-C10 to the left and the BB-HCM311 to the right – what a difference.


Full motion detection is provided and you can tweak the sensitivity to suit.


Triggers can be used to send images to an FTP site or emailed to three recipients.


IPSec encrypted transmissions are supported but don’t expect any help from the manual or Panasonic’s support site.


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July 3, 2009, 4:38 am

I have the 311 and the Panasonic 581, both are awesome cameras. I am using them for various security and monitorning functions along with taking pictures for my web site ( constant live updates ) using TenM3 service. How do you control the smoothness and frames per second...should it be in calrity setting or motion setting. Does anyone have experience with it, please provide.

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