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Find reviews of the latest Palm mobile phones.

  1. Palm Pre 2

    Palm Pre 2

    The best Pre yet, but is this touchscreen slider phone worth investing in?

  2. Palm Pixi Plus

    Palm Pixi Plus

    The baby brother to the Pre finally arrives in the UK. Is it the WebOS device we've all been waiting for?

  3. Palm Pre Plus

    Palm Pre Plus

    Has Palm tackled the problems of the much-vaunted Palm Pre in this update?

  4. Palm Pre

    Palm Pre

    With the Palm Pre finally set to arrive in the UK, Ed finds out if it has been worth the wait.

  5. Palm Treo Pro

    Palm Treo Pro

    With all the excellent competition about, Palm's latest effort will have to excel to compete.

  6. Palm Centro Smartphone

    Palm Centro Smartphone

    Palm's Centro arrives on UK soil, but is it to a rapturous applause?

  7. Palm Treo 500v

    Palm Treo 500v

    Palm finally takes a positive step forward with the 3G capable Treo 500v.

  8. Palm Treo 750v

    Palm Treo 750v

    A Palm Treo powered by Windows Mobile? Surely not? US users have had a while to get used to the idea and it has now arrived in the UK.

  9. Palm Z22

    Palm Z22

    palm's new Z22 sees it get back to basics, with a entry-level PDA that's both affordable and usable.

  10. palm T|X

    palm T|X

    The palm T|X provides full PDA functionality at an attractive price, but can it win over Sandra Vogel?

  11. palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager PDA

    palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager PDA

    palmOne continues to strike back with the long awaited LifeDrive. With a 4GB MicroDrive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in a sleek package, this is a truly powerful PDA.

  12. palmOne Zire 72 - PDA

    palmOne Zire 72 - PDA

    The new Zire 72 from palmOne is a great little PDA that's feature packed and fun to use. The integrated digital camera and Bluetooth functionality make it as versatile as it is stylish.