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Orange SPV M600 - Riyad's Opinion

By Sandra Vogel



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Orange SPV M600


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Sandra and I spend a lot of time talking about mobile devices, probably a lot more time than is healthy in fact. One thing that we’ve always agreed on is that there wasn’t a single smartphone device that we would want to use for both data and voice every day. To this end we have always maintained a case for the PDA/mobile phone combination.

However, with the SPV M600 Orange really has put the last nail in the coffin for the standard PDA. This little device can do everything that a good PDA can do, but it’s also connected, small enough to use as your phone AND will cost you absolutely nothing if you’re on a £35 contract.

Not only is the SPV M600 small enough to use as my mobile phone, it also looks great and feels great in the hand. Every single person who’s seen me using this little device has wanted to hold it, play with it and ultimately have one of their own.

Obviously it’s not perfect – very few things are. The lack of a keyboard means that my SPV M5000 will still be used when I’m taking notes in a press conference, or writing up short articles on the move. But the SPV M600 is ideal for general email duties while I’m out and about, assuming I don’t want to send someone a small novel.

The EDGE capability of the M600 definitely makes itself apparent when you’re browsing the web – this device is surprisingly speedy, and I’ve been whiling away many a train journey by catching up on the BBC mobile website. The absence of MSN messenger is a disappointment though, since I use this often while I’m out of the office – to be fair though, it’s not too much of a chore to install it.

Ultimately, the M600 is a great mobile device that ticks pretty much all the right boxes. If, like me, you’ve been waiting for a single device to take care of all your data needs, while being small and stylish enough to be used as your regular mobile phone, take a look at the SPV M600.

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Harry Orchard

June 21, 2008, 3:04 pm

We have 9 of these SPV M600 from orange for use by our service engineers and as such become an important part of our business.

The battery whent on two of these phones and Orange could not obtain replacements.

Research on the web showed that the battery was obsolete.

It took Orange three weeks and a a threat that they would loose our contract of 9pdas and 6 mobile pohones before they got there finger out. Very poor service

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