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Oono miniDAB/FM/MP3 MD-2Plus2 SE - Oono miniDAB/FM/MP3 MD-2Plus2 SE

By Benny Har-Even



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That's the odd thing about the Oono. It's not a stylish device by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it fantastically easy to use. However, it is so loaded with features that should you require a couple of them then it becomes an interesting proposition. You could say listen to the sports in stereo via DAB on the way in to college, then hear a new track on the radio and choose to record it. Then record your lecture with the built in mic, and then play back some of your favourite tunes via the SD card on the way back to your dorm. Once back you could listen to the lecture via the built in speaker in your room.

Overall then, the Oono's talents should be enough to save it from being ignored, especially if you want a portable recording DAB device with a Mic. However, the smaller, more stylish iRiver can do the same as well as being able to play video. In fact, the iRiver is DMB (Digital Media Broadcast) capable too so you could in theory watch television on it too. While there is no DMB service in the UK it does highlight the fact that the Oono is somewhat behind the times. This is made all the worse by the fact that it's actually more expensive that the iRiver.

Additionally, while the innards have been improved, I bemoan the lack of progress on the externals. In today's fickle world, the eyes of most beholders are shallow and they want something cool to look at. The hard cold facts are that at £188 you're a mere £12 away from an iPod touch, which as far as desirability is concerned isn't just on another planet, it's in a different galaxy - in an alternative dimension - and back.


The second Oono has mildly improved innards, with the increase in memory from 128MB to 2GB being the main draw. However, the new paint job can't disguise the fact that this is an unappealing looking and awkward to use device. Should you have need of its talents though, and are aware of the vagaries of DAB reception, then you might be able to justify the high cost but the fact is that the iRiver B20 is both more talented, better looking and cheaper, making it the better option.

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  • Value 6
  • Features 8
  • Design 4
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