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Oono miniDAB/FM/MP3 MD-2Plus2 SE - Oono miniDAB/FM/MP3 MD-2Plus2 SE

By Benny Har-Even



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There are, however, some oddities to using the device that I found frustrating. Pressing Menu when you're in DAB mode brings up options specifically for DAB but, from all the other modes, Menu lets you access the system option. I kept trying to get to the system option from DAB and accidentally launching the Autotune, which you then have to wait to finish to continue.

Ironically, what I therefore saw most of was 'No channel'. While I receive solid DAB reception from the Pure DAB tuner in the kitchen, this is with a larger device with a big aerial. While the 2Plus2 might have a more sensitive chip it still proved something of a challenge for it to pick up stations. It's not really the fault of the Oono though - DAB coverage is still difficult and its use on a portable device is troublesome. You'll often find that you lose signal as you move about and you'll find that you'll have to fall back to FM on a frequent basis, which frankly is annoying. Get it in a strong signal area though and you'll reap the rewards from DAB - especially if you're into sports - with Five Live and Talksport in stereo, instead of merely Medium Wave.

If you want to record what you're hearing you simply hit the Rec button at the right beneath the screen, and initially this worked well both in DAB and FM. You can set the bit-rate at between 32-256Kb so you get plenty of flexibility. However, after two successful recordings from DAB, I found that after pressing Record I could no longer hear the station and I was recording dead air. This was in an area of borderline signal quality, so my theory was that the extra power draw needed for recording meant that it could no longer pick up the station. It's just a theory, but regardless it was frustrating.

If you do have a strong signal you can even use it to record on a timer, unattended, on a daily or weekly schedule, from DAB or FM and to the internal memory or SD card. However in an age of On Demand and Podcasts, setting this up seems a bit backward and VCR like and I can't think of any scenario I personally would use it.

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