Onkyo DV-SP406 DVD Player - Onkyo DV-SP406

By Danny Phillips



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Onkyo DV-SP406 DVD Player


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We can’t fault the deck’s movement handling either. Busy scenes like the still-ridiculous brontosaurus stampede are tracked with fluidity and confidence without juddering or breaking up. It also fared quite well with the Silicon Optix HQV Benchmark disc, passing the detail, flag and colour bar tests, although jaggies were evident on the rotating bars pattern.

Movie sound is superb through our test system, and although stereo CDs playback lacks the sparkle of a good CD player, its open and distinct nature makes for a pleasing listen. The Onkyo handles Stevie Wonder’s Fulfillingness’ First Finale with delightful poise and potency, teasing out most of the background detail in his multi-layered compositions.


The DV-SP406's smooth, assured pictures, solid range of connections and healthy format support make it a superb choice if you’re buying on a budget – provided you can tolerate the fiddly remote and lacklustre build quality. It won’t be long before you can buy a Blu-ray player for the same amount of money (you can already find the Samsung BD-P1500 for £165 online), but when that’s the only reason we can think of not to buy one, then you must be onto a winner.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Performance 9
  • Value 9
  • Features 8
  • Design 7
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