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Find reviews of the latest Olympus digital cameras.

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  1. Olympus X-915

    Olympus X-915

    At just £129, the Olympus X-915 won’t break the bank, but with its 5x optical zoom and 12MP resolution, some concessions have been made.

  2. Olympus mju 1060

    Olympus mju 1060

    We take a look at Olympus’ flagship luxury compact

  3. Olympus mju 9000

    Olympus mju 9000

    With a 28-200mm lens and 12 megapixels, can the mju 9000 beat the Panasonic TZ7 at its own game?

  4. Olympus SP-590UZ

    Olympus SP-590UZ

    With a 26x zoom telephoto lens equivalent to 676mm, the SP590 is the most powerful super-zoom in the world - for now...

  5. Olympus mju 1040

    Olympus mju 1040

    This latest ultra-slim camera from Olympus has lots of style, but does it have any substance?

  6. Olympus mju 850 SW

    Olympus mju 850 SW

    Take photos of your near-death experience with this super-tough compact

  7. Olympus SP-570 UZ

    Olympus SP-570 UZ

    Olympus hits the superzoom market with an unprecedented 20x optical zoom and manual zoom ring control.

  8. Olympus E-420 Digital SLR

    Olympus E-420 Digital SLR

    Hailed as the world's smallest and lightest DSLR, the Olympus E-420 replaces the E-410 in the Olympus Four-Thirds system line-up.

  9. Olympus FE-340

    Olympus FE-340

    Is the top model in Olympus' FE range one of the good ones?

  10. Olympus E-520

    Olympus E-520

    An exclusive look at the new Olympus E-520, the latest in the Four-Thirds system.

  11. Olympus mju 1010 & 1020

    Olympus mju 1010 & 1020

    Two virtually identical cameras, but why?

  12. Olympus mju 1030 SW

    Olympus mju 1030 SW

    Tough by name, tough by nature. We take a look at the new Olympus mju 1030 SW

  13. Olympus E-3 Digital SLR

    Olympus E-3 Digital SLR

    Less than £1000 can buy you Olympus' latest Pro camera. But how professional is a 10MP camera?

  14. Olympus FE-290

    Olympus FE-290

    With a 4x wide-angle zoom and a 3-inch 230k monitor, the F-290 promises much but delivers surprisingly little.

  15. Olympus mju 830

    Olympus mju 830

    With the sort of weather we've been having lately, a rainproof camera should sell well.