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By Edward Chester



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Next we ran our game loading test in which we manually time how long it takes to run through our Crysis time demo. We turn all the graphical settings down to ensure the demo runs as fast as possible, and only perform one run through so as much time as possible is spent loading and unloading the game - the bit that really tests the hard drive.

Here we find something of an anomalous result as this drive takes longer than even the Apex series to complete the demo and despite repeated tests we couldn't get the Vertex to deliver a better performance. Frankly, we're at a loss as to why this would be except to assume this particular test is a worse case scenario for this drive.

Our penultimate test is our Windows boot up and shutdown test. Here we simply manually time how long it takes for the computer to bootup, reboot, and shutdown. As with the Crysis test, the shutdown time for the Vertex drive is slower than all the other drives on test so once again we can only assume there is something about the flow of data that taxes this drive in such a way as to impact performance. An assumption we make because the startup and restart times are both markedly quicker than the other drives so there's evidently plenty of performance on tap when circumstances are in the Vertex's favour.

Finally, we used the system for a while; browsing the web, editing images, and gaming in order to get an idea of how the drive feels in everyday use. We can confirm that we saw no evidence of the performance dips shown in our earlier tests. Indeed, the system felt consistently snappy and responsive with programs loading quickly and no random pauses like we experienced with the Apex drives.


All told, this is a seriously fast drive that will be perfectly suited for use as the main system drive for a fast gaming PC or workstation and its price is competitive with other similarly performing solutions on the market. However, its speed and price is overkill if you just want an SSD for a simple, low-cost media center or laptop where you still want to reduce heat, noise, power consumption but don't necessarily need all out speed.

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Simon J

June 12, 2009, 12:16 pm

Interesting review. It seems OCZ have finally got a drive that puts the frighteners on Intel's excellent Intel's X25-M, especially when you consider the 160GB is about £200 more. Can you confirm if you were running the latest firmware for the OCZ drive? I think this was released a couple of months ago and is available on their website?

Also how long will it be before you are able to test the new OCZ Summit drive, which is built using the new Samsung controller and has 128mb cache on board?


June 12, 2009, 2:08 pm

This comment in the review is somewhat bizzare:

"However, its speed and price is overkill if you're thinking of getting an SSD for a simple, low-cost media center or laptop where your primary concerns are to save on heat, noise and power consumption. "

The SSD is silent and produces little heat. It is precisely what all the folks on SilentPCreview for example have spent years looking for. It is decently priced for the problems it does solve.

Why on earth then, would it be "overkill" for a media center? I would think SSD is actually a primary choice for a media center, particularly if you have a NAS elswehere with the bulk of your files as it true for most media center owners.

As for the laptop, again why woudnt a laptop owner want a silent ad cooler drive. I for one had spent years on a constant chace for a more silent, even fanless laptop that is still powerful. Again this isnt overkill, it's a Godsend!


June 12, 2009, 2:18 pm

Let's hope then that the new Agility series will get a recommendation from this site, they should be the 'price-breaker series'. Have a look here, http://www.ocztechnology.co.... I want one in my next laptop with Windows 7. Let's hope prices go down in 2009 / 2010.

Jay Werfalli

June 12, 2009, 4:01 pm

@Kanu - what Ed is saying is that this SDD's price and speed is overkill when you can get an SSD for less which still does the same job of reducing heat, noise and power consumption, albeit not as quickly (i.e for systems where top-notch speed isn't necessarily a priority). I've tweaked it to make it clearer, though.

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