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O2 Xda Zest Smartphone
O2 Xda Zest Smartphone

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Oliver Levett

November 27, 2008, 3:49 am

This is by no means the first no HTC XDA device.

Also, I'm intrigued to find special attention payed towards Cybero Voice Speed Dialer, given that it is implemented in virtually every WM6/6.1 ROM dump I've got my hands on.

Would have been nice to see some screen shots of the interface though... Also, I would be interested in a comparison with the HTC Touch 3G (essentially the closest competition for this), and the Touch 3Gs UI.

Alan 6

February 7, 2009, 3:35 am

I have a HTC Touch Dual, and my partner has the XDA Serra, which has 6.1 with the same interface I believe. I do like the interface, but I found it difficult to scroll. The Touch Dual has 6.0 and that also has Cybero Voice Speed Dialer, and I don't believe it is a simple to use as is made out here. Unless it is a different version to what is on the Serra(WM6.1) and the Touch Dual (WM6.0) You have (train it) to record voice tags against each contact and number, and each application you wish to use. The only voice software I have ever found as simple to use as is mentioned here was the Microsoft Voice Commander, where you pressed a dedicated button on the phone, and then just spoke, and the software interpreted your request - for example "What are my next appointments" ... "what is my battery level" and ... "Call x mobile" or "call y home" without any voice tag training at all. Why microsoft discontinued working on the software, I will never know - I believe it is not compatible with WM6. I think it was the best piece of software for mobile phones I ever encountered.

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