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By Sandra Vogel



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Nokia E51


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It is the extra buttons that grab the attention, though. Surrounding the silver navigation key and its large central select button are no less than nine other buttons. Call and End, the two Nokia softkeys and the Nokia backspace key are accompanied by four ‘one-touch' keys.

Each of these has three functions. The one marked with a calendar icon opens the calendar software if you tap it quickly. Hold it down and you jump straight into creating a new meeting. Tap it twice and the first tap takes you to the calendar so you can view the current month, the second tap takes you out to whatever application you were previously using.

There are similar functions for the email and contacts keys. The fourth key, marked with a home icon, takes you to the applications menu with a short tap; back to the Active Standby screen with another tap; and if you hold it down, gives you an application switcher so you can move between opened applications. All rather slick stuff, once you're used to it.

Moving on to the hardware and software, the E51 is a quad-band GSM phone with 3G and HSDPA. It has no front-facing camera for two-way video calling, which some could find a real pain. On the other hand there is Wi-Fi and it supports SIP which means your favourite VoIP software should work fine as long as its supports the S60 Nokia platform. Bluetooth is here, too, and so is infra-red.

Under the hood the software shares a lot with other up-to-the-minute Nokia handsets. It'll play video and music for example, handle mobile email and has a PDF reader as well as readers for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There is an FM radio too.

There is a generous 130MB of built-in storage, and you can bulk this up further with microSD cards. The slot is under the battery cover, but not under the battery, so it is really easy to swap cards.

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September 25, 2008, 7:55 pm

Great phone. I agree that the camera is fairly poor but that doesn't bother me. It will capture an image which is all I need when I don't have a proper camera to hand.

What would be great to see in the next incarnation is for Nokia to add some multimedia connectivity without compromising on the beautiful form and design. I'm not a mobile 'texpert' but reckon they could add TV-out, FM transmitter, USB charging, and maybe GPS, without 'uglifying' it. One might say N-series however I'm not looking to have a big screen and an autofocus camera - more like the same little beauty which can reveal herself in the nighttime - listen to some music on a nearby stereo, or even watch a movie on a friend's TV, while charging off her USB. Oooh.


November 12, 2008, 11:53 pm

Agreed, this is a 99% perfect phone that covers every base for me. I do wish that they could squeeze in a gigantic battery in the next version for 20 days stand-by...and perhaps an OLED screen. Well done Nokia.

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