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Nokia 8800 Arte - Nokia 8800 Arte

By Sandra Vogel



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As you would expect, the 8800 plays music and takes pictures. Bizarrely for such an expensive phone a wired headset is not supplied. And there is no support for a 3.5mm jack. All you have for wired sound output is that microUSB slot I already mentioned. Playback through the loudspeaker is quite loud. Unfortunately it also distorts at the higher volumes. On the other hand, battery life was good. I got 8 hours 50 minutes of music playback from a full charge.

The camera has auto focus and shoots at resolutions up to 3.2-megapixels. It has no flash or self-portrait mirror. Image quality was generally acceptable, but not as good as I'd expect from a mobile of this price.

The coloured dish, shot indoors under normal household lighting, is grainy, though the colours are reproduced quite faithfully. The white chair is again accurate on the colour front, but the detail is not wonderful with some noticeable lens distortion at the edges. The flowers show how the camera functions for closer shots. Not too hot, in my opinion, with the autofocus missing the main subject of the composition.


For all of Nokia's efforts to brand the Arte and Arte Sapphire as high class mobiles there simply isn't enough here to justify the price. Distortion from the loudspeaker, a below par camera, no front camera for two-way video calls, and the S40 OS with its reasonable but not wonderful set of features are not top-notch specifications.

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jinesh jose

June 29, 2008, 12:52 am

Nokia 8800 Arte is for those who expect the higher standards of quality and precision craftsmanship. It’s truly an irresistible object of desire. A unique dimension in sensuous luxury. It’s a true original reflecting distinctive style and confidence. The rich expression of ultimate lifestyle that transients the traditional limits of design. It creates a new standard in excellence. The soul of innovation and the spirit of luxury is combined in Nokia 8800 Arte. See the purity and integrity of design. Less is truly more. Beautiful to look at, Rewarding to touch, Perfection in design and Powerful to use. That’s Nokia 8800 Arte.


-Made from quality materials like stainless steel, glass, leather, and sapphire gemstone.

-Living wallpapers

-Ambient light sensors

-Finger tap sensitivity to reveal analog or digital clock

-Cool display effects in standby mode and operation mode.

-A gentle turn of the phone mutes alarm or incoming phone call

-3.2 Mp camera

-1 Gb internal memory

-Anti fingerprints and scratchproof coating

-Free Bluetooth headset, which adjusts audio levels by a gentle slide on the top

-Excellent sound quality and screen clarity

-Perfection in design

-2 year Nokia warranty with priority

The best looking phone with added features to stand out in the crowd. And the one and only disadvantage of this phone is its price.

Anyone need any support or assistance in buying new phones; please don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

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