Nokia 6300 specs

By Sandra Vogel


Quick Glance
Operating System Symbian OS
Operating System Symbian OS
Weight 3.21 oz, 91 g
Available Colours Silver, Black
Talk Time 3 Hour 30 Minute
Standby Time 336 Hour, 336 Hour 720 Minute
Internal Storage 7.80 MB


August 13, 2008, 9:35 pm

I use it since 3 month now, and It is the first time i use a mobile phone where all the common features are easy to find and which is really pleasant to use.

It is easy to configure to have your favorites features on one click.

Really great mobile phone


October 9, 2008, 4:07 pm

I've bought this phone, after reading some good review.

Big mistake, the 6300 is a bad phone.

It has a nice display, the interface is responsive and I like the looks. Nokia PC suite is a nice thing.

But there are too many bad/horrible issues:

- The software is a mess, with options spread everywhere, many times without logic.

- Some actions can crash the phone (auto-storing radio stations always crashes my phone).

- Turning bluetooth on and off is a mess (the same in other similar situations).

- Deleting items takes too many actions.

- "+" and "-" keys are used just for volume. They could and should be used for other functions depending of the context.

- Camera quality is bad for a 2.1 Mpixel phone.

- USB connector cover can not be removed without releasing the phone back cover (arghh!)

- Vibration is too "soft".

- There should be two alarms (one time and repetitive).

- Sending SMS for many people is a looong task. T9 entry could be better implemented (dictionary for my language is good though).

- ...

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