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Nokia 6210 Navigator
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  • Nokia 6210 Navigator
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Last year Nokia released its 6110 Navigator phone, the first in the company’s line-up to have dedicated sat-nav features and sport the Navigator branding. It came into my office along with a flurry of other mobiles and never quite made it to the front of my review pile but its successor, the 6210 Navigator, has. It isn’t widely available as I write this but I did find it from Vodafone for free on a £30 contract.

This handset looks rather like the 6220 Classic, which I reviewed at the tail end of July. That phone is a candybar, this one is a slider, but the general button design and shiny plastic front fascia make the handsets look like near-identical twins.

The key selling point of the 6210 Navigator, it won’t surprise you to hear, is its navigation features. You may remember that Nokia recently bought navigation specialist Navteq. Even before that acquisition was announced almost a year ago now, Nokia had already been addressing GPS and navigation with its work on Nokia Maps and the integration of receivers into its handsets.

So the 6210 Navigator is in many ways just a step along the road for Nokia. But it does represent quite a significant step in that it is a smaller, neater phone than the 6110 was, and shows that Nokia is getting a grip on how to do the GPS thing properly.

It is a shame, though, that while several other higher end features accompany the GPS, there is no Wi-Fi here. Nokia just doesn’t want to give away all its goodies at once too often, does it?

General handling of this phone is very positive. At 103mm tall, 49mm wide and 14.9mm thick it feels comfortable in the hand. Slide the number pad into view and the handset becomes about 130mm tall. It weighs an acceptable 117g.

The casing is undeniably plastic, and it may not absorb many drops from heights before it cracks, but that is not exactly a novel point to make about a mobile phone.

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October 8, 2008, 2:45 am

I recently had the 6110 Navigator, until it broke and thought it was a good phone and a good GPS system. I am currently looking at this 6210 as it's replacement, but I am stumped by the fact that this 'GPS' handset does not have voice guided GPS, apart from the 6 month trial.

Or have I missed something?

What is the point of this phone, if it doesn't have voice guidance? I could buy any GPS handset and get voice guidance. I do actually like the look of this phone though, so I'll just have to compare it to other GPS phones.

Just seems like a really strange decision from Nokia to have the 'GPS' handset with only the trial of voice guidance.


November 6, 2008, 3:40 am

I bought 6210 Navigator one month ago and I have already found some important defects, mainly on software:

1) Phone software sometimes freezes(needs to take away battery to restart).

2) Camera very often can't save photos and gives "System error".

3) Alarm has very annoying issues: if you set alarm for working days, it blocks the phone calendar starting from saturday. If you restart it , following saturday it will be blocked again, so on…

You also cannot set a repeated alarm for a day of week. It only works for the current day.

4) Rear cover is very fragile and difficult to open. I am always worried to break it, when I need to open.

My greater concern is about Nokia support to 6210. They don’t seem in a hurry to fix bugs neither always respond to support request mails.

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