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By Sandra Vogel



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Music playback quality was OK via Nokia's bundled two-piece headset, and if you want to listen to the radio the headset cables function as the antenna. The in-line microphone module has a 3.5mm connector if you want to use your own cans instead of Nokia's in-ear buds.

You can use your own headset at the phone end, too, as the connector here is also 3.5mm, and it's worth noting that they will also double-up as the antenna for the FM radio. And joy of joys, Nokia has even managed to put the 3.5mm connector in the most sensible location - on the top edge of the phone.

Battery life proved fairly good. I got eight and a half hours of non stop music from a microSD card after fully charging the battery.

The camera is a less positive story. It has a 2-megapixel lens which puts it squarely in the average camp. It lacks autofocus, self portrait mirror or flash, and when framing photographs you have to hold the phone still to avoid your subject looking very blurred on screen.

It took about 12 seconds to save photos shot at two megapixels on the high quality setting. Not only was the wait really annoying during the testing period, it means there is no chance of you being able to capture a succession of candid shots of friends or family.

Images themselves are disappointing. The coloured dish, which I always photograph under normal household lighting and with the camera set to auto modes, looks washed out. Its colours are a lot more vibrant than the photo suggests. The chair lacks definition and there's evidence of lens distortion along the top of the picture.


It is a real annoyance when a mobile is such an obvious mix of great design and poor features. If Nokia takes the thin look and striking outer casing of this handset and puts S60, 3G, a decent camera and Wi-Fi inside, it could come up with a consumer focussed mobile to rival the more business-like Nokia E51.

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June 22, 2008, 8:47 am

I want to thank Sandra for writing such a good article. I am thinking of buying this phone, and needed some info on it before i bought it. Very informative, and i like the picture examples. I have also read many other articles about this phone, and the author seems to stick to what i have been reading. Once again, I thank you. :-)


December 14, 2008, 12:42 am

Hi Sandra, I was just wondering, which would you get if you were in my position? A Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic or a Sony Ericsson W350i. And why would you get which ever one you chose?

vijay reddy

January 25, 2009, 1:16 pm

When i tried to record music from my PC to 5310, transfer stopped at around 300mb, and it shows so in memory, how can i use rest of card memory to transfer more music files?


October 21, 2009, 7:36 am

hi i recently bought inspiron 1300 notebook when i connect my nokia 5310 in usb port i get error message that says noncompatable port. Ive used phone on other laptops and desktop with no problems, why now and whats the solution


January 31, 2010, 3:24 pm

This phone is the worst phone in the history of the universe, i would advise anyone to NOT by it as it never works, does not always allow you to read messages as it appears there are not messages in your inbox,sometimes i have waited over 3 hours for my messages to appear again, it crashes a lot, sometimes it appears to have reset, meaning the date and time has to be reset, this can often be during the night when i turn it off meaning my alrm does not go off, at times the alarm will just generally not go off atall. This is just generally a rubbish phone and within 3 months of having it id had to go get it fixed because it crashed permanently,making the screen go white. So to anyone out there wanting to buy this phone....dont waste you money or your time on this phone.

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