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Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5310 XpressMusic


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The 5310 XpressMusic has a near twin in the lookalike 5610 XpressMusic. That is a bigger phone which takes a slider format and has a higher calibre set of specifications. It may yet get a separate review here. But right now my attention is fully on the 5310 XpressMusic.

With most mobiles making a stab at music playing, and some doing the job really well, to style a range as specifically about music seems a little bit like kicking other, sometimes pretty nifty, music playing mobiles in the teeth. To do so when some of the better music mobiles come from your own stable seems bizarre. With that in mind, I've generally formed a fairly ambivalent view of the XpressMusic range so far. Add to that the fact that the design of handsets in Nokia's XpressMusic range is a little, er, quirky at times, such as with the 5700 XpressMusic and I feel pretty justified in being nonplussed about the range.

Where the tri-band 5310 XpressMusic scores over its predecessors is not in being a better music player than any other mobile, or in having a superb set of features generally, but in being a really nice looking and well designed phone.

The black, slate grey and red livery of my sample handset is really striking, while the crimson coloured aluminium flashes down the left and right edges of the screen are very eye-catching. You could go for navy blue instead of crimson, but that is a much less flashy option and doesn't do the side bars justice in my view.

The left crimson edge houses music control buttons, which are marked out in sliver that dazzles against the red backing. This concept of a separate coloured panel for screenside mounted music buttons is one that runs through the XpressMusic range, but it has never been as neatly implemented as here, thanks to the metallic shine of the crimson flash, and to the fact that this is a thin mobile phone.

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June 22, 2008, 8:47 am

I want to thank Sandra for writing such a good article. I am thinking of buying this phone, and needed some info on it before i bought it. Very informative, and i like the picture examples. I have also read many other articles about this phone, and the author seems to stick to what i have been reading. Once again, I thank you. :-)


December 14, 2008, 12:42 am

Hi Sandra, I was just wondering, which would you get if you were in my position? A Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic or a Sony Ericsson W350i. And why would you get which ever one you chose?

vijay reddy

January 25, 2009, 1:16 pm

When i tried to record music from my PC to 5310, transfer stopped at around 300mb, and it shows so in memory, how can i use rest of card memory to transfer more music files?


October 21, 2009, 7:36 am

hi i recently bought inspiron 1300 notebook when i connect my nokia 5310 in usb port i get error message that says noncompatable port. Ive used phone on other laptops and desktop with no problems, why now and whats the solution


January 31, 2010, 3:24 pm

This phone is the worst phone in the history of the universe, i would advise anyone to NOT by it as it never works, does not always allow you to read messages as it appears there are not messages in your inbox,sometimes i have waited over 3 hours for my messages to appear again, it crashes a lot, sometimes it appears to have reset, meaning the date and time has to be reset, this can often be during the night when i turn it off meaning my alrm does not go off, at times the alarm will just generally not go off atall. This is just generally a rubbish phone and within 3 months of having it id had to go get it fixed because it crashed permanently,making the screen go white. So to anyone out there wanting to buy this phone....dont waste you money or your time on this phone.

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