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Nikon Coolpix S7c - Test Shots - Full Resolution Crops

By Cliff Smith



Our Score:


A range of test shots are shown over the next few pages. Here, the full size image has been reduced for bandwidth purposes, and a crop taken from the original full resolution image has been placed below it in order for you to gain an appreciation of the overall quality.



½ sec, f4.1, 50 ISO

At the lowest ISO setting the S7c produces a very high quality result, with perfect exposure, lots of detail and no image noise at all.


1/4 sec, f4.1, 100 ISO

At 100 ISO there is virtually no difference between this and the previous shot.


1/8 sec, f4.1, 200 ISO

At 200 ISO some cameras suffer from considerable image noise, but the Nikon produces another smooth image, with barely a trace of roughness in the shadow areas.


1/15 sec, f4.1, 400 ISO

At 400 ISO image noise is just starting to appear in the mid-tone areas, in the form of colour speckling. However this is way better than most of its rivals.


1/30 sec, f4.1, 800 ISO

At 800 ISO there is progressively more image noise, spreading to the lighter areas, although the shadows remain nice and dark. This image is quite usable.


1/75 sec, f4.1, 1600 ISO}

At the maximum setting of 1600 ISO there is now noise visible right across the image, but it is reasonably well controlled and the image is just about printable.


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