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Netgear Stora MS2110
  • Netgear Stora MS2110
  • Netgear Stora MS2110
  • Netgear Stora MS2110
  • Netgear Stora MS2110
  • Stora MS2110 Multimedia Server (1TB - RJ-45 Network, USB)


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Over the years we've concluded that Netgear's NAS devices are, if not the best going, certainly among them. Better still, the company is doing a good job of bringing out systems such as the ReadyNAS Duo at a price point that all of us - not just those losing 50 pence in the pound come April - can afford. Such systems, however, can still be a little daunting to the non-tech savvy, which is where the Stora comes in.

At £190-odd for 1TB of storage it's certainly an affordable NAS device and while the feature-set may be lacking compared to other devices, those features it does have are well considered and controlled through a very easy to use interface which should be usable by even the most adamant technophobe.

Without a drive the Stora weighs 1.36kg and measures approximately 150 x 175 x 146mm (W x H x D). It has two drive bays and the second will accept another 1TB hard drive, which once installed will automatically be configured to mirror the first. Once this RAID 1 setup is in place, either drive can be hot swapped with a replacement in the event of a failure without any loss of data or access to it. If you plan to keep important files solely on the Stora, it's definitely worth factoring in the cost of a second hard drive.

The process of changing a drive is almost insultingly simple. The front panel of the Stora simply slides off to reveal the two drive bays, with the drives themselves sliding out at the pull of a lever found at the rear. The back of the Stora also holds a Gigabit Ethernet port, a power input, a reset switch (which defaults the system but won't delete any data) and a power button. The front is home only to a USB port for connecting portable storage devices or enabling a USB printer to be shared across your home network.

Configuring the Stora could hardly be simpler. If you're feeling brave you could use the well laid out web interface, but typing in IP addresses is a bit 2008. To counter that need, Netgear supplies a CD (for both Windows and Mac OS) which provides a step-by-step set-up process, part of which includes giving the system a unique name. That might seem a bit odd, but this name is needed for remote access, which is provided via a portal at MyStora.com.

To get the most out of the Stora you'll need to stump up for a premium subscription, which could be frustrating. Luckily at $19.99 per year it's not overly expensive. There's a 30-day trial included with any new Stora to help you decide if it's worth paying for and some of the features are pretty nifty. Remote access to files on your Stora, via either a web interface of a desktop application is to be expected. The ability to configure Stora media shares and other such settings without needing access to the device itself could also prove useful. And a custom interface for browsing your Stora remotely on a mobile phone, which worked very well with my iPhone, is nifty if unlikely to be needed all that often.


November 19, 2009, 2:07 pm

A 1 TB NAS can be bought for a lot less than £180 tho, for example:


Am looking for my first NAS and the buffalo above looks to be the best for the price, and it has bittorrent/itunes support ect, but is there something im missing if I got the Buffalo over something like this Netgear Stora? (Obviously the function of being dual bay, but the Buffalo can backup to a USB drive)

Any Advice welcome!


November 19, 2009, 2:37 pm

I've been looking to buy a s NAS for about a month now. The front runner so far is the Buffalo Link Station Pro LS-XH1 1.5tb. But this review is making me rethink this. Does anyone have any advice. The thing is I don't really need it to be configured in RAID or anything. Just somewhere to backup files and use it to store media and use the DLNA features to stream to my TV. Remote file access will also be useful. The other thing is I would be connecting this to my wireless G router, and using 802.11g capable laptops. Would this provide a moderate speed as everyone else seems to be connecting thier NAS's to Gigabit wired networks?

Matt G Baish

November 19, 2009, 3:51 pm

Can TVersity server (plus codecs) be installed so that I can use this to stream (virtually) anything to my Xbox360?

Actually I have just had a quick search about and it probably can't; apparently the CPUs in NAS devices aren't powerful enough to do video transcoding (which is the real power of TVersity). Ho Hum I'll have stick to my laptop/external hard-drive setup after all.


November 19, 2009, 4:51 pm

How noisy are these NAS devices typically (and this one in particular)? I didn't see any mention of a fan, so that's good. Also, is it smart enough to shut down or suspend the disks when there hasn't been any access for a while? I think that's a fairly crucial thing to have, particularly since a NAS will run more or less 24/7.


November 19, 2009, 5:27 pm

@Matt G Baish

Why not get a NAS that supports Twonky? Somethink like one of the QNAP NAS's supports this I believe


November 19, 2009, 9:36 pm

@Stelph: I've had the Buffalo for about three months and had no problems, used for files storage, Itunes and streaming movies to the PS3.

The bitorrent is basic and lacks encryption, so I think i'd probably go for the older grey version if I was looking now, as I only bitorrent on my PC, the 750GB version can be had for around £80-85 if you can find one.

It is a little noisy, but this is due to the resonance of the drive rather than the fan, this will rectify itself once I slip out of scrooge mode and buy another powerline adapter so it can live in the kitchen ;o)

Power timers are basic, three on/off profiles and thats your lot, it won't go to standby and wake on demand, but I'm not sure and NAS offers that, I just switch off all my AV gear together when I go to bed...

Dan 07

November 19, 2009, 10:00 pm

I've got one of these and am disappointed with the amount of noise it makes. It generates almost as much noise as my pc. It's supposed to auto sleep but the fan always seems to be turning and the hard drive always seems to be ticking over.

Peter 26

November 19, 2009, 11:44 pm

I'm going to try to answer your Stora questions posted so far...

Stelph - 1TB NAS can be found at lower price but not usually with asecond bay for backing up your first disk. And not with the ease of use that Stora offers.

Asanka - Stora will work fine on your wireless though you will only tickle it's perfomance. Stora is one of the fastest home NAS around at read/write at 240Mb/s.

Matt G - no support for TVersity and no plans.

Morsch - It's seriously quiet. Stora has a fan but cooling is vertical so mostly passive. You have to push your ear to it to hear it! It will happlily sit in a living room without being noticed.

Stelph - Why buy a NAS with a bit of 3rd party software on it? Who supports what when it screws up? Why pay Twonky extra for what you can get here for free?

Dan - noise also = power consumption. Stora uses between 7 and 12 watts depending on what it's doing (idle or reading/writing)

The key thing is Stora's slick, easy, fast user interface. There's nothing else on tehmarket like it. Except the Linksys Media Hub at 2x the price.

You can go to my facebook page to see screenshots, get more info and ask more questions...


November 20, 2009, 3:33 am

Dan "I've got one of these and am disappointed with the amount of noise it makes." and Peter "It's seriously quiet."

Well that certainly clears things up, thanks. ;)

Rob 14

November 20, 2009, 10:29 pm

Can anyone tell me this will support Time Machine backups for Macs? I've hunted around and can't find any mention of it, so I'm prepared to be disappointed.


November 21, 2009, 2:24 am

@Rob, I don't know about the Netgear, but the Buffalo mentioned earlier definately does

Martin Daler

November 21, 2009, 3:07 am

@Peter. Do you have an interest to declare?

Bobby G

November 21, 2009, 11:20 am

Epic Fail.

Throughout their lit they talk about sleep mode and other items. Then when you call customer support, they say "it didn't make the release." wtf? Really? I have to find out AFTER I BUY IT that some advertised features either don't work or weren't included?

TrustedReviews must be a joke or paid off, because you only need go to the Stora forum to see all the complaints about misrepresented features or flat out lies.

Give me a break. I'd take mine back if I didn't load all the media before I realized my mistake.

Bobby G

November 21, 2009, 9:16 pm

Since my last post wasn't added as I was critical of TrustedReviews, let me just say that TR completely missed the fact that some features advertised or mentioned in lit are either missing or do not work. A simple example? Sleep mode is mentioned (or was, it may be corrected now) for this device, which they then left out. There are several more.

There is no way this deserves a 9 out of 10, some current simple problems include:

No .avi file support. 90% of the market is Windows users, yet no support.

No sleep mode, your drive is always on. That's a problem, and as I mentioned, it was an advertised feature.

Can't rename libraries. It comes with libraries like "Family Photos", etc. and you can't change them.

Does not recognize sub folders for video on remote streaming. Want to share "Family Videos" over the web like advertised? It sends an email to the shared party, they click, and if you have each video or set organized in sub folders, sorry Charlie. They see nothing.

I could go on and on. I think reading this you'll agree I'm only complaining about basic functionality and not "nice to haves." I realize its for the home user with zero tech experience, but someone please tell me how these things escape the review?

I love this site, but this review was a definite drop of the ball.


Andy Vandervell

November 22, 2009, 7:39 pm

BobbG: Apologies for your original comment not appearing sooner; it's the weekend, so comments take longer to be moderated. I'm not familiar with the particulars of this product myself, but I'm sure Hugo will be happy to respond when he's back in the office.


November 23, 2009, 3:48 pm

Annoyingly I don't have the sample here any more so I can't double check these issue but from memory:

I placed AVI files on the Stora without issue, so I don't know what you mean by "no .avi file support."

I don't remember any sleep mode, so if Netgear said there should be one that's a strange omission - although I don't see that it's a particularly important one.

I didn't try to rename the Libraries, but if it's not possible I would hope a firmware update will fix that - likewise sub folder sharing; guessing why that won't work is beyond me.

From having read some of the other complaints, I think the biggest issue with the Stora is that a lot of people buying it have done so expecting a cheap ReadyNAS, which it decidedly isn't. Features which you call basic functionality simply aren't wanted, or won't be missed by a lot of buyers. It might be a bad choice of NAS for you, but you're not everyone.


November 23, 2009, 11:34 pm

@Hugo -Would you recommend this over the ReadyNAS for someone who wants a fuss free NAS solution? I am technical, but I'm beginning to get tired of always having to be technical when I just want things to work.

The Stora seems to tick all the boxes I want (Itunes library, PS3 streaming, remote access, raid support for mirroring), but the price of the ReadyNAS keeps falling, so it's a tough choice!


November 28, 2009, 12:49 am

After a week of use, I have more good opinions than bad.

Things I miss:

- A Bittorrent client.

- More flexibility in the software.

- Jbod or Raid 0 to increase storage (1 TB is very little capacity for a modern NAS).

Peter 26

January 10, 2010, 4:57 am

@morsch - my Stora is quiet enough to sleep with. I know as mine is in a room with a sofa bed that I get relegated to when I'm in snoring mode :-)

I've recorded a very unscientific video of my Storas noise and comparing it to a readynas (which is much louder). its on my facebook page (search for "Stora"). If folk says it's noisy, I'm wondering if it's faulty or has stuff in the fan.

Bobby G - avi support - I guess you mean via the built in media player. avi's store and play fine on my xbox and media player. As the interface is flash, I would guess the media player only supports formats that flash does. If I'm remote I download the movie from my stora and play locally. its no biggy.

Stora has sleep mode and power/on/off timer but you need to update your firmware to get it.

Main folder names are fixed. Mainly I think becasue they are shareable and everyone will need to know their names and who has the right to change them (as you may have more than one admin)? maybe that will change.

Not sure about the sub folders thing... You share via email by putting content in an album and sharing that album. You can't put folders in an album, but I don't think that is what an album is for. Or you can give someone an account to your stora and then they can see the file structure and access what they want.

Hugo and jacko - Your about right, many folk look at Stora and have experience and ideas about how a nas should work and Stora is different. If you are a first time user, a bit put off by technology or just want simple, accessible storage for the family, Stora is ideal. If you are more technical, have experience of nas and want open architecture and tons of wizzy features and teh ability to add more via add-ons, readynas is probably the way to go.


January 19, 2010, 2:26 pm

After a bit of research I bought a Stora 3 weeks ago and thought it would be helpful to post my experiences so far.

1) This really is a doddle to set up, literally plug it in run the set up disk and its done - my 2nd computer and PS3 both found the Stora without any prompting - a joy after the hours of trying to my PS3 to consistently find my Windows 7 media library. Creating a back up of selected folders on both computers also very straightforward.

2) The stora is Windows 7 compatible but there are a few issues, which I have now managed to workaround.

a)The first one is irritating in that once installed whilst the Stora is visible on the network the Network drives it creates are not available until you login. My XP machine auto logs in with no fuss but the main Windows 7 PC does not - workaround is to manually map the visible Stora folders to the default drives it normally uses (X:, Y:, Z:) and then check "reconnect at logon". Do this for all user accounts and the drives are available for each user - this is key for my iTunes solution below, and also allows you to set up the Stora as a default drive to save to if you want.

b) Windows 7 does not index NAS drives - annoying if you want to use the search and library functionality to include the media files on the Stora - Workaround: Really simple, open Media Centre, in media Libraries ensure "Use Network drives" is checked and then add the mapped drives to the list.

3) iTunes: Requiremnet for me was to have as single place for all music and ideally to share a single library so that you can use either computer to add songs and sync iPods. Solution was to move all music into the "Family Library -> Family Music" folder on the mapped drive and then on the main computer account change the default library source in iTunes within advanced preferences to this network location and check "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library". Restart iTunes holding down shift key - select "create new library" and create it again in the same network location. Once this is done and you have enabled sharing in iTunes simply open iTunes on all user accounts on all computers whilst holding shift and "change library location" to the network folder and again in advanced prefs change the library source. Currently any changes I make in any user account in iTunes (playlists song adds etc) are reflected for all iTunes accounts.

On the down side streaming recorded TV from the Stora to my PS3 wirelessly does not work due to the size of files, but converting to MPeg makes this work - similarly streaming the same files over the web has the same issues - so currently looking to automate this process using DVRMSToolbox or similar which I hope will fix this.

With theses tweaks I am delighted with the Stora it does exactly what I need.

Apologies for the long post - but these were all the questions I had when I was looking so hope it helps.

PS - absolutely no noise from the Stora except during significant file transfers


April 12, 2010, 7:54 pm

Extremely disappointing. I'm a fan of the Linksys NAS200, but that has been discontinued, so I purchased the Stora for client that owns a small business.

The proprietary file system and internet administration are just a pain to work with. You can't set up your own folders as you are limited to the folders that "come" with the unit.

The basic software limits the system to three user accounts; you must purchase a subscription to set up more users.

It just wasn't worth the effort. I found a NAS200 on the internet, new, so I ordered that instead. Returning the Stora.

Peter 26

August 21, 2010, 5:53 pm

Zenmaster - Why did you buy a home media server for a small business? Its like buying a bicycle and then complaining it doesnt do motorbike stuff. Fork out and buy the right device for the job.


February 7, 2011, 4:23 pm

Do you need to install software on Client PCs to map drives in the Stora the way you did with the SC101?

Also, are the disks formatted in a non-proprietary format so that they can be read without a Stora device (if it breaks down, for example)?



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