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Latest Navigon GPS & Sat Nav reviews.

  1. Navigon 20 Plus

    Navigon 20 Plus

    'Plus' means more, but does it mean more useful features than Navigon's Easy model?

  2. Navigon 20 Easy

    Navigon 20 Easy

    Navigon delivers another top-value sat-nav, with enhanced pedestrian features to sweeten the deal.

  3. Navigon MobileNavigator for Android

    Navigon MobileNavigator for Android

    If Google Maps Navigation isn't enough for you, Navigon's MobileNavigator promises more fully featured sat-nav for your Android phone.

  4. Navigon 40 Premium

    Navigon 40 Premium

    Does Navigon's new naming strategy come with groundbreaking new features?

  5. Navigon 6350 Live Sat-Nav

    Navigon 6350 Live Sat-Nav

    The 6350 Live is cheaper than its 8450 sibling but how does it stack up against similarly featured rivals?

  6. Navigon 8450 Live Sat-Nav

    Navigon 8450 Live Sat-Nav

    Navigon enters the 'Live Services' fray with its 8450 sat-nav.

  7. Navigon 2410 Sat-Nav

    Navigon 2410 Sat-Nav

    Though far from the top of Navigon's range, the 2410 is still a compelling option.

  8. Navigon 8410 Sat-Nav

    Navigon 8410 Sat-Nav

    It's pricey, but the Navigon 8410 is a well-designed, premium sat-nav.

  9. Navigon 7310 Sat-Nav

    Navigon 7310 Sat-Nav

    Navigon continues to enhance its 3D navigation with the competent 7310 sat-nav.

  10. Navigon 3310 max Sat-Nav

    Navigon 3310 max Sat-Nav

    Is the Navigon 3310 max a worthy alternative to a TomTom or Mio sat-nav? James finds out.

  11. Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone

    Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone

    Navigon's MobileNavigator sat-nav software for the iPhone has arrived, so James takes it out for a spin.

  12. Navigon MobileNavigator 7

    Navigon MobileNavigator 7

    Does Navigon have the ideal software for turning your smartphone into a fully fledged sat-nav? James investigates.

  13. Navigon 1210 Sat-Nav

    Navigon 1210 Sat-Nav

    With European maps and a sub-£100 price tag, Navigon's1210 sat-nav looks like a bargain.

  14. Navigon 7210 Sat-Nav

    Navigon 7210 Sat-Nav

    Navigon's 7210 sat-nav looks impressive on paper but what's it like to use when driving about?

  15. Navigon 2150 Max Sat-Nav

    Navigon 2150 Max Sat-Nav

    Navigon's 2150 Max sat-nav is a good yet pricey TomTom alternative.