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Obviously the HDMI ports can carry digital audio as well as digital video, but you also get a 3.5mm input for analogue audio to go with the D-SUB and DVI inputs, while two sets of left and right phono inputs marry up to the component video and S/Composite inputs. You also get a 3.5mm audio output to pump the signal to external speakers, as well as an optical digital audio out, which will let you send the digital bitstream from your HDMI connections out to an external amp or receiver. Finally, there's a headphone socket on the front of the monitor, which saves you the trouble of having to plug headphones into your PC, which could be under your desk.

There's also an impressive amount of options to play with in the OSD, but unfortunately the LCD24WMGX3 doesn't sport the same corner based button layout at the 30in LCD3090WQXi. This isn't the end of the world, but it does mean that adjustments aren't quite as easy and intuitive as on NEC's flagship monitor, and considering how extensive the list of adjustments is, that's something of a shame.

You're going to need to get familiar with the extensive array of controls though, if you want to get the best out of this monitor, since it needs some quite delicate calibration. NEC warned me that this sample had come straight from a gaming event, where it was configured to be as bright, vivid and punchy as possible. Firing up Display Mate showed that the LCDWMGX3 has a tendency towards compression at the high or low intensity ends of the spectrum, and it took a good deal of tweaking to overcome this problem. The good news is that once this screen is configured properly, it's pretty damn good.

It's always worth remembering that Display Mate is designed to highlight weaknesses in a monitor when it comes to pure image quality, and that doesn't necessarily mean that those weaknesses will show themselves in everyday use. This is even more true when a monitor is designed for gaming and entertainment use, as this one is. If you're spending most of your time playing games or watching movies, you probably want your screen a bit more punchy and vivid, and the LCDWMGX3 definitely delivers in this respect.


June 24, 2009, 2:48 am

LCD is crappy technology really. TN flat out sucks, but *VA and IPS screens aren't without serious flaws either. But we must all have something to use while we wait for the glorious OLEDs, so what should you go for?

Alternative one is to get a cheap TN. That way, at least you won't waste a lot of money.

Alternative two is to pay a lot more for a screen based on "quality" LCD technology. Most of the time that means IPS or PVA. But the more rare MVA as used in the reviewed screen fits the bill too. Now "quality" is a relative term here. Don't expect any LCD screen to be truly good, no matter what you pay for it. But you will at least get something better than TN, which honestly doesn't say all that much!

The LCD24WMGX3 has the following strengths:

+ Sharp and readable text, without annoying color fringes. Very RARE even among "quality" screens!

+ It has no color gradients from left to right, something which plagues A LOT of monitors these days...

+ Reasonably good viewing angles (but with a hint of the traditional *VA gamma shift).

+ Standard Gamut. (A wider color space sure looks "more awesome", but brings a host of problems.)

+ Reasonably good black level, with no backlight leakage.

+ Fast input lag, with a "Thru Mode" that makes it even faster.

+ A lot of connectors, including analog TV signals.

It also has the following weaknesses:

- Colors 1-4 are undistinguishable from black, and 253-255 are very close to white. Even properly calibrated.

- Panel response time is only borderline acceptable. There is a very noticable smear in some situations.

- Speakers are pretty good for a monitor, which unfortunately still means they are total crap!

All in all, this is a decent screen for those who read a lot of text, and play a few games or watch some movies now and then. Since even "decent" screens are few and far between in LCD land, this means it's quite a catch! Get it soon, because NEC has pulled the model very recently. When the retailers are out of stock, they're gone. This is apparently because the screen is expensive to make, and too few people want to pay what this quality level costs to make it worthwhile.

I bought it, and I'm perfectly "happy" with it. Of course, "Happy" in the context of LCD screens only means I don't feel like plucking my eyeballs out when I use it. But since that seems to be too much to ask for with all other screens screens on the market, this one is a gem!

Recommended. At least until OLED arrives...


July 1, 2009, 5:13 pm

Well it looks like NEC have discontinued this...which leaves the 24" monitor choice down to the HP LP2475w or the Dell 2408....when are there going to be some LED backlit MVA/IPS screens?!

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