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Ardjuna Seghers

By Ardjuna Seghers



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Getting onto the core of this Mesh system, the PC itself is an attractive unit thanks to the sculpted lines of its NZXT Hush case. NZXT is a well-established player in the PC case market, so we're expecting good things here.

Aside from its front the Hush's look is restrained, with its steel side panels and top featuring no ripples, waves or other embellishments, and no fan openings either which is not a great sign for performance but certainly adheres to the case's emphasis on silence.

The Hush's front door, meanwhile, does almost everything right. It only goes two-thirds of the way down, so it shouldn't catch on the floor the way my Antec P180's full-length door does and the action is super smooth. The hinges are also mostly metal, with just the door-side attachments being plastic, so it should be reasonably sturdy. The panel set into the door is a fetching brushed black metal, subtly lit by a blue glow from both a vertical LED strip and the front 120mm fan.

One minor downside is that both power and reset buttons are hidden if the case is stood on the floor, and since they are similarly-sized and close together you could easily press the wrong one. Another small issue is that the solid door covers part of the front mounted fan, which could have been alleviated by adding a grill or some other air channel in the door.

Unfortunately there's no sign of eSATA on the case's front or back, but other connectivity is abundant. The Matrix II 955BE Hush offers headphone and microphone jacks, a FireWire and two USB ports (a bit too close together) on the right side. Set into the one of the free 3.5in drive bays is a memory card reader for every variant of CF, MD, SM, SD, MMC and MS card, and this also houses a third USB port.

At the back we find eight USB ports, two PS2 connections, standard and mini FireWire ports, Gigabit Ethernet, co-axial and optical digital audio outputs plus six analogue audio mini jacks. There are of course also the usual dual DVI and seven-pin DIN analogue video outputs courtesy of the ATI graphics card.

Opening the case up requires a screw-driver, where on a high-end model like this we would ideally like to see thumb-screws. However, there's little reason for complaint on the Hush's insides with plenty of room for air to circulate and all cables tidied away neatly. The majority of unobstructed areas are covered with noise-dampening foam, and fans are kept to a minimum with only two 120mm units; one at the front and one at the back.

Though its back-plates feature standard screws, the Hush's four 5.25in and seven 3.5in bays all have tool-free clip systems which work brilliantly. Oddly, Mesh has elected to screw all the PC's drives in the old-fashioned way and while this may arguably make them just a tad more secure, it also negates the noise-dampening effect of the rubber grommets fitted to the clips - not a good move Mesh.

Martin Daler

August 21, 2009, 12:20 pm

whatever its general merit, this system touts one particular "unique selling point" up front - hush. It fails in this regard. What is Mesh trying to achieve here?


August 21, 2009, 2:34 pm

@Martin Daler:

To be fair, Mesh shows every effort at trying to make this system as quiet as possible without resorting to expensive water-cooling - just the choice of this specific HIS (a company usually known for its silent products) video card was apparently unfortunate.

Also keep in mind that the video card in our PC MAY have been a particularly noisy sample, but even if this is not the case there's always the option of upgrading to a higher model for very little money, which would suit the fast CPU better anyway.


August 21, 2009, 7:24 pm

Well, no matter what you opinion of the pc you have to admire they way Mesh have weathered the market storms over the years. Seeing as my previous supplier Evesham went to the wall like many others have and will in a cut throat market...


August 23, 2009, 3:51 pm


Read TR Reader (and on the web forums) comments on their experience as MESH customers – see earlier TR reviews and stories on Mesh Computers. Buy MESH PCs at your peril.

@Chocoa :“...you have to admire they way Mesh have weathered the market storms over the years.” Well there is a sucker born every day or MESH Computers Ltd snaring some unsuspecting sole.

I would only wish MESH PCs upon MESH staff and their families.

John 32

August 26, 2009, 7:03 pm

@ Enigma,

Thanks for a very informative comment, you've brought a lot to the discussion.

If you search any manufacturer you will always find sob/scare/woe stories from upset consumers.

My point is that you have not pur forward a constructive argument, moreover, you sound like an upset child who is just complaining loudly.

As for your response to Chocoa, seems quite vindictive against Mesh.

Basically, either put forward some evidence or a valid point or don't bother posting as you have added nothing.


August 27, 2009, 5:33 pm

@John who the hell are you tell TR readers whether they can or can not post comments? I presume of Mesh Computers Ltd?

@John you vitriol suggests you are rattled. After all an intelligent person wouldn't waste time commenting on insignificant comment(s) or be rattled by them.

Also an intelligent person doesn't repeat what can be referred to elsewhere – as I did. A quick Google of “Mesh Computers complaints” soon reveals plenty. Thus I wouldn't be surprised if before long someone doesn't set up a website/forum “MESS Computers Ltd” akin to “NTHell” for the former NTL cable service provider.

To please @John here's something intelligent and useful:

I would suggest those who have an issue with their purchases consider the following:

1.Keep a log (dates/time/names/what was said, etc) of all your dealings right from the first call.

2.Seek advice from Citizens Advice Bureau. Better still contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06

3.See if your credit card company can get you a refund. They have specialist working on such issues.

4.If you have household insurance see if your policy has legal cover. Thus you may be able to get legal advice and/or possibly Legal Representation.

5.Likewise if you are a member of an organisation like a Trade Union check if they provide legal cover and if you can get Legal Representation.

6.Consider WARNING your fellow consumers by sharing your experience.


Company's never seem to learn as these examples show:

"Apple tried to silence owner of exploding iPod with gagging order" (http://technology.timesonli... – TimesOnline 3rd August 2009;

"'Exploding' iPhones investigated" on BBCi News(http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/..., 26th August 2009; and

"United Breaks Guitars" on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Feel the power of the Consumer @John.

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