Mario Kart Wii Deals

By Stuart Andrews



April 8, 2009, 5:43 pm

One of the best online games out on wii.

I enjoyed this game lots with friends and family but it has some major faults

First. Bad Ai you always get a blueshell at the end of 150cc and its really fustrating.

wheel- too gimicly good for friends but a terrible additon

Thrid- bikes? mario kart no good

Fourth- New weapons are terrible

fifth- way too casual driving- yes about 150cc but its still really easy jst fustrating

sixth- Not very nice graphics espically when you are looking at galaxy

seventh- old tracks arent very nice to look at and feel rushed

i could go on forever about how many faults this game has

if you have a DS PLEASE GET THAT VERSION ITS 10 times better , its less casual and has more of that old nes style that this casual wii version'!

yes its fun and i enjoyed very much but if you can handle those seven points then fair enough to you.

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