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By Danny Phillips



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Marantz SR6003 AV Receiver


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The back panel features a typically generous selection of sockets, providing all the inputs and outputs you need but leaving plenty spare for expanding systems. Most significantly, there are three HDMI inputs and two outputs, all of which are v1.3 and therefore support features like Deep Colour and HD audio bitstream transfer. You can use the unit as an HDMI switcher, and thanks to the I-Chips Technology 10-bit video processor you can even upscale connected video sources to 1080p.

Elsewhere there are three component video inputs and two outputs; four S-video/composite inputs and two outputs; five digital audio inputs (three optical, two coaxial) and one optical output (for Zone B or recording purposes); 7.1-channel analogue inputs and pre-outs, six analogue stereo inputs and four outputs, plus DC trigger, flasher input and remote control terminals. Furthermore, the surround back speaker terminals can be used for a separate zone, and you'll also find separate Zone A analogue outputs.

We've touched upon the main features, but there's plenty more to get your teeth into. The Marantz Dynamic Audio eXpander (or M-DAX to you and me) boosts the quality of digital music, while there's a range of four Acoustic EQ modes that work in tandem with Audyssey's automatic settings. You'll also find support for HDCD, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Neural-THX Surround, plus video conversion capabilities.

Operating the SR6003 is a piece of cake, with the crisply-presented, responsive on-screen menus making it simple to access MP3 files, adjust audio settings or assign the various inputs. For the latter purpose, the unit uses a table to show which input is assigned to each source, and this common sense approach is prevalent across the entire menu system.

Similarly the remote feels intuitive and is surprisingly slender considering the amount of functions it has to control. We also like the backlight (which illuminates every button) and small readout at the top that indicates the selected source, but on the downside the buttons are a bit cluttered and confusingly labelled.


January 3, 2009, 5:41 pm

Nice review I may invest in one of these should it see a price drop, once i get over the intimidating "backside" on page 2, and my hatred for wires.


January 3, 2009, 6:30 pm

This review came just in time! I was about to order the Yamaha DSP-AX863SE but with low stocks at most retailers I have some time to change my mind. How would this unit compare with the Yamaha?

Can we have some screenshots of the user interface and menus?

David Nelson

January 5, 2009, 11:48 pm

How does this Marantz SR6003 compare the the Onkyo TX-SR876 which is priced more closely than the Onkyo TX-NR906?

X-Ray Man

May 22, 2010, 7:57 am

My first Great tuner was an Onkyo that could only be purchased in California in the late 70s. This was back when they used real wood for the enclosure, it was the Best sounding unit I ever heard and my favorite stereo until I bought this SR 6003. None of the Harmon Kardons or Denons or Yamahas I have owned measure up to this reciever. There are so many features but one that impressed me was the way it makes those horrid 128 bit downloads sound fantastic as compared to the way they sounded coming from my last unit, a Yamaha, which was good but not as good. This unit actually seems to repair these sub-standard recordings like magic. The remote has alot of fuctions and seems kinda busy until you've used it a little while but it soon becomes intuitive. It's driving 4 Polk Monitor 70s a Polk CS-2 center and 2 Cerwin Vega AT-15s with ease. There is no distortion or need for pre-amping as it will literally "Rock your World" as well as the rest of the Block! Depending on how long it lasts I may be done buying recievers for quite awhile. Everyone thats heard it has been impressed by the sound and it's caused Marantz sales volume to increase in this area.

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